2015-05-27 The Weekly Newsletter

banner447Hi reader, Louise Venison in my SFI upline posted in the SFI Stream a question to her big downline as follows:

“What new knowledge or skills do you need the most to help with growing your business? (I’m writing lots of new training posts for the blog, but it would be great to know what you WANT to learn rather than me just guessing at what I think you might need to learn.)”

I and one other of her downliner answered with the all so common question, traffic.
Only two answers from her big downline! Huston we have a problem!

One reason for that can be that we part-time promoters tend to spread us to thin when building our online business. We join this and next second that biz in our hunt for that golden nugget and gem.

But how can we succeed when we only can spend a fraction of time we should need for every business? We have to know our business to support our customers and downlines. How trustworthy is it when we do not have the very basic knowledge about our business. The risk is that they, the customers, quit and look for the next opportunity.

Now let us go to Louis Venison’s blog to learn more about traffic and SFI.


The blog is purely dedicated for SFI but the knowledge is valuable for every online business owner. And in my opinion everyone starting online with their business should be a member in SFI just for understanding how to work a business online.

2015-05-20 The Weekly Newsletter.

One way to promote your online business is to write a Classifieds ads.
Here are some good points to consider in creating those ads

Writing a Classified Ads

With the potential for thousands of viewers to see your classified ad, the difference from
generating a 1% response versus a 2% or 3% is significant. Several time-tested techniques
will improve the effectiveness of your ad.

Like your announcement in Lesson 3, your classified ad consists of three parts:

  • Subject
  • Body
  • Call for action.

Writing the Subject Line

At some classified sites, readers scan headlines and select the ads they want to read. For this
reason it is important to write an especially appealing headline. It is your only shot at
connecting with the reader. The subject line is preferably:

  • Clever, appealing
  • Straight-forward, honest
  • Eye-catching.

Warning: “Eye-catching” doesn’t mean all caps, a string of asterisks before and after,
exclamation points, or dollar signs. These techniques for trying to catch the reader’s eye are
tacky, over-used, rude, amateurish. They will immediately turn off most discerning net

Writing the Body of the Ad

Describe your product or service in terms that will benefit the reader. Your readers are
more likely to visit your site if they are told how they will benefit rather than a straight
description of features.

The description should be written in an informal tone, written as if you were describing
something important to a friend not to a thousand people. Use second person “you” and
first person “I”,”we”.

Ordinarily you will want to provide concise, specific details that will encourage the reader to
visit your site for more information and/or to take advantage of a free benefit. Avoid
vagueness which is more apt to arouse suspicion. Honest and integrity are important. You
have to inspire confidence in the buyer.

Finish with a Call to Action

All ads should end with a call to action. Request that the reader take the next step: visit your
site. If there’s no call to action, chances are pretty good you won’t get any action.

You may want to consider including in your call for action one of these incentives which
usually improve the response:

  • Free gifts to limited number of visitors
  • Coupons
  • Prizes
  • Special discounts for limited time
  • No-risk offer, satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited time offer
  • Hurry before stock runs out
  • Free trial period
  • Special guarantee

Adland Pro is only one of plenty places to place your ad at.
More ways to get out your message:

How can you build your SFI business on a tight budget?

banner447An answer at SFI that is also so valid for all business online. Start an avalanche, first small and grow it bigger as your budget and income gets bigger.

By Leon McKee:

Building your SFI business on a tight budget will require long-term patience and focus. The process will take time!

The most important word that you need to understand is leverage. You need to get your business to the point that it grows no matter what you do or don’t do! The most effective, long-term, way to accomplish this is through sponsoring PSAs.

1) Login to SFI everyday and go through your “to-do list”. Earn all of the VP that you can! Qualify your position at the EA2 level during the last few days of the month to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. BTW – Later, when you can afford it, make a statement of commitment and set-up a standing order for the first of each month. Show your commitment!!!!!

2) Develop an advertising strategy using free and paid advertising. Run several ads at the same time. Modify your ads using split testing to determine the best ads. Keep track of your results. Increase the use of successful ads. When you can, start placing paid advertising to learn the process so that you’re ready to increase the number of ads at a moments notice. Important!

3) Develop your offer! Don’t just refer leads to SFI and not have a little something extra to offer. No-cost or low-cost incentives would include your direct support, specific information or “eventually” some type of co-op. Co-ops are important leverage tools!

4) Reinvest ALL profits back into advertising! This is called “pyramiding your profits” and it’s critical that you leverage your results by adding more and more back into advertising.

5) Communicate with your personally sponsored Affiliates every week. Work with the workers. Do NOT worry about those that don’t work. You can’t change other people as they must change themselves. Don’t take it personally. Critical point to understand!

6) If you stay focused then one day your group will suddenly take on a life of it’s own and start growing beyond your span of control. I can say this because I’ve actually seen the process work many, many times over the last 25+ years. Stay focused!

The most important direction I can give you other than building your own lead system is to ask empowering questions and then take action on the answers. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve observed over the years is the desire to have a turn-key system without any personal growth. Building a system has a learning curve and no one has all of the answers. Carve out your own unique marketing (lead) system and your security will come from the fact that you can stand on your own two feet. The only security in life comes from our own competence!