My weekly newsletter to my SFI downline

banner447 My weekly newsletter to my SFI downlineHi again. Time is running fast and this month end is closing in.
There are some VP that is easy to forget.
First the point at the “Alert” tab which is new.
And second the Survey for another point. You find it at:


I’m not so fond of games here, but this one, if you can call it a game:
- FREE TCredits awarded every hour!
- 1,440 TCredits are awarded to 720 winners every day!
- No purchase necessary to play or win.
I try to play it every day.

And now some rambling.
Many recommend  the TCredit 125 package as a Standing Order.
But how about buying PSAs as a Standing Order? It’s important to get
referrals to come into profit as fast as possible. I think it’s a
strategy to consider.

You know those Paid To Click programs, those who was so popular last year?
People clicking for pennies hour after hour and try to refer more people
to their downline.
But if they put the same time and effort into SFI. Wow! What a result
they would have achieved.
That’s all for today, thank you for your time.
And, please get back if you need help or questions.

See You and take care
Mats Jacobson
SFI Bronze Team Leader

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About 50% of our traffic comes from Traffic Surfing sites.
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And the remaining 40% comes from Banner campaigns on highly targeted websites,
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What am I doing wrong?

I got a mail the other day from my sponsor at SFI. After reading just some sentences I knew who wrote it. It was Louise Venison, a very gifted writer in my opinion. She belongs to that few who gets my intention when writing. Here’s what got my intention and always when about SFI, you can adopt it to whatever online business you want.

” I haven’t been able to answer all the emails individually because there
were just too many, but there was one question that kept coming up over
and over that I’d like to answer here.

It goes something like this:

“I’ve been in SFI for a few months.  I’ve got my standing order,
I do all my daily/weekly/monthly tasks, and I advertise to find PSAs,
but the PSAs never do anything, or they just go away after a few days
and never come back.  What am I doing wrong?  What do I need to do

The answer to that question may be nothing.

For my first 8 months in SFI, I was running my business at a loss.  In
any other situation, I might have given up, but I’d told my sponsor I
would commit to SFI for a year, and then see where I was.  I like my
sponsor, and I wasn’t going to let her down.

So I just kept doing what I recommend to you:

1 – Complete the daily, weekly and monthly tasks.  Do it every day.
Don’t miss a day.

2 – 3. Have a 1,500VP standing order to guarantee my EA rank every month.
The 125 TCredits package is ideal for this:
If you can afford to spend more, you could add other useful things like
S-Builder shares or PSAs to Go to your standing order, but DON’T make it
more than you can afford each month.  Set your standing order at a level
you can sustain month after month, and if you have extra money to spend
in a particular month, make one-off purchases.

3 – Spend some time (or money) on advertising for PSAs and TripleClicks

(I use Co-op and Reassign members to my downline)

This is exactly what I do, and it’s working for me.

SFI is a business that can take a long time to get started, so you have
to be patient, but once you do start building an active team and earning
money regularly, it takes on a life of its own.

It’s called exponential growth.

There are 2 types of growth – linear and exponential.

Linear growth would be if you were the only person in your team doing any
work.  If you brought in one PSA a month, your team would grow by one
person every month.

But if you brought in one PSA who was active and DUPLICATED your efforts
every month, things would be very different.

In the first month, you would bring in one PSA.  That’s one new team

In the 2nd month, you and your one PSA would bring in one each. That’s 2
new team members.

In the 3rd month, you and 3 people would bring in one each. That’s 4
new team members.

In the 4th month, you and 7 people would bring in one each. That’s 8
new team members.

And so it would go on, multiplying each month.

(Obviously, this is just an example, and your numbers won’t be exactly
like that.)

That’s exponential growth in action, and that’s how SFI takes on a life
of its own. As your team grows, you are LEVERAGING the efforts of all
the active people in your team.

It’s very powerful, and it’s how SFI can make you a lot of money if you
are patient and persistent, and DON’T give up.

If you want to do more than you’re doing right now, there are 2 things
you can do, and they are both about adding more people to your team.

1 – Spend some (more) money on paid advertising, buying guaranteed
signups, or both.  This is the doesn’t take much time but does cost
money method of growing your business faster.

(I buy PSA from HERE every month)

2 – Spend some (more) time on free advertising.  This is the free but
does take time method of growing your business faster.

SFI offers lots of ideas for advertising under the Marketing index in
your Affiliate Center.  You could also look on the SFI forum to see what
people are recommending, and go through the questions and answers in the
Advertising/Marketing section at Ask SC.

Once you have people in your team, communicate with them, encourage them
and support them.  Don’t get discouraged if PSAs do nothing or drop out.
It means they’re not ready to see the potential of SFI just yet.

Just keep doing what you know YOU need to do, and the results will start
to come.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Take care
SFI Team Leader”
If you want to read more from Louise visit her blog

The weekly newsletter for my SFI downline

A new week and we are closing in to end of this month and the ever
problem how to get our active VersaPoints.
But if you have visited Ask SC lately, which is one of your daily
tasks. You will find some very good answers for this problem.
Here’s the link for you to explore:

Another problem is to get referrals. You have instructions, Ask SC and lessons
for this as well. For my own part, I buy referrals from Tripleclicks and some
pour still in from the S-Builder Co-op.
When I find an active PSA (personal referral)
I transfer members to the PSA in question to reward him or her for being an active
participant. And as I have written before, I tend to transfer people from the
same country or language.
A rather simple scheme. But is cost money. If you can’t afford, try to stay EA
until money starts coming into your account.
If you pay for something in SFI, see it as an investment as in true life.

And as always, please ask questions if you need help.

To your success
Mats Jacobson
Bronze Team Leader
Skype: mats_tenor

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Yes as long I’m member I get rewarded every month. And it’s very easy to maintain this W3 status. This is just one tiny example of all benefits to be a member in SFI