How To Get Sign Ups Using Facebook

Here’s a good forum post from the SFI Forum
 How To Get Sign Ups Using Facebook




By Robert C.

1.) Do not make your profile private
2.) Make sure any can add you as friend( public setting)
3.) Start adding friends as much as possible
4.) Post photo from SFI and Tripleclicks and Pricebenders

I you feel you need some privacy in Facebook then make another account just for SFI, tripleclicks and pricebennders.
Accept all friend requests and add new friends yourself

If you are not adding new friends everyday you are hurting your business, a list is your lifeblood to making a business of networking work

Use screen shots of info in Sfi and Tripleclicks and Pricebenders showing the business is for real
That is all they are looking for is something that they know is real

Do very little posting in groups that have to do with ONLINE MARKETING, SELLING , BUY AND SELL

You will be just adding to the cludder of businesses already doing the same and most will pay attention to your post, maybe you get 1 sign up out of 50 , 100 people or none
To much competition in those groups

Instead go and add groups that have nothing to do with business
Your only goal is to make and meet new friends first , there are still people in my list i have not given the link to yet but will get , the is no rush

Dating groups
Friendship groups
Travel groups
Etc… anything but business

That way you have no competition and will be able to make more friends and add them , then talk to them and then send them the link to Sfi . DO NOT post the link in the group they are not allowed , you have to add as friend first then send link in private message

You should be able to add 20 to 50 new friends a day to your list
Lists give you more opportunities to share sfi with them

There is only one big NO,NO when talking to someone about sfi—never ever mention the word NETWORKING unless directly asked if that is what it is and most will not ask .

Networking is a dirty word to most people , when they hear that word they automatically think recruiting people such as family and friends and talking to strangers and most do not like or it scares them to death . Let them find out for themselves that it is networking after they are signed up and started.

How To Get Sign Ups Using Facebook UPDATE

I made a post about how to use facebook to get more sign-up and thought it would be nice to give and update on it

here is thread to original post

If you are posting information on facebook that people will want to see and not just posting photos of products but about the business you can get all of interested

this photo is just from the past 3 hours

 How To Get Sign Ups Using Facebook

this is just the past 15 minutes

 How To Get Sign Ups Using Facebook

being in contact with people will boost your business more than anything else will.

all of these people will hear about and see SFI , not all will sign up but they will see the opportunity
and i am getting about 5 to 10 new sign ups a day
more friends you have on facebook the more your business has the opportunity can grow

2014-12-17 The Weekly SFI Newsletter

Hi team member. Christmas is closing in very fast now, I’m mentally still in the summer.
But I think time is running faster by age or what do you say? So when I am retired I may
miss out the spring. That would be sad.

There have been some answers and questions lately about tracking your ad in Ask SC.
You read Ask SC, do you? And I say tracking your ads is crucial to save time and money
especially when you buy ads. I also say this to myself since this topic is something every
marketer struggle with and very few can handle with confident. It can be how complicated
as you want with A B test and so on, you name it.

In SFI we have our “Key Codes” and “Hit Tracking” under the tab “Power Tools”
You find it more explained under “Key Codes” and your stats is at “Hit Tracking”

So setup you URLs by using something like
123 is here the code of your choice.
123 could be those ads you send out to Twitter for example.

The downside with this simple tracking is that you never will know how many signups you
get at those hits. But there are external services that can help you with this.

Here is what I use for the moment not to waste my credits or money:

vv125 2 2014 12 17 The Weekly SFI Newsletter

But I’m also lucky in this program. It’s complete with advanced tracking, autoreponder
name it. Xstreme Lifestyles Network

2014-12-15 This Mondays Xtreme Lifestyles Network – Hangout

1416024618 2014 12 15 This Mondays Xtreme Lifestyles Network   Hangout


Xtreme Lifestyles Network is just the beginning of great things for everyone who joined the team, and it all starts with the team and why we brought this to the table…Basically we knew it was time for all of our existing members!

But just something to share with you, so you have the correct mindset of how we represent Xtreme Lifestyles Network…

When we share what we are doing, we lead with the Team and the Concept…not the Opportunity. People join people, not companies. You can ask anyone in any biz opp if they want to get more reps, they will say yes, but even more importantly… they want the support of a team! People don’t want to be alone trying to figure it all out on their own. So grab their attention, Everyone can afford $18 one time fee, and get them plugged into the team and Our Free Marketing System. Now you can filter them into other things you are doing because you have given them value, built a relationship, and they trust you…

If you don’t…they will sure enough, join someone else!

Understand, it’s not about the business opportunity, it’s about the Team & the Support System…ie XLN

Too many people are marketing alone and don’t have a team structure and support system. Nobody wants to be alone, everyone wants to be a part of something. So unless you “Get It” and realize the Leverage we have here to offer people, you will continue to struggle.

If you don’t have a Team Support System, then you have nothing to offer anyone…So my point is, why would anyone join someone out on their own?

Would you?

Think about it…who followed the Lone Ranger besides Tonto! Lol, funny right?! But it’s true!

So as we approach launching the Free XLN marketing system anticipated by next week, understand that our intentions are of the highest integrity, and we refuse to Tell You and Sell You things that won’t work for you…

We are so glad that you are here to be a part of this Team and community. We appreciate all of you and we are committed to greatness for everyone here.

So with all that said, it’s as simple to share as this…

“Here’s what we are doing that’s working”

Share the team and the concept…

Share The team and the concept….

Share The team and the concept…

The reality of it all is this…

“Nothing Works, Unless People Believe it will Work for Them”

Bruce M Gerlach


2014-12-10 The Weekly SFI/Team Atlantis Newsletter.

Hi again member. You will get some information about CSAs below.
CSAs are members that are shared between you and someone else.
So your personal affiliates are CSA for some else who can benefit
from their actions as well, even not so as much as you do.

I found this information from a SFI newsletter subscription. Actually I would recommend you to use an autoresponder in your promotion efforts. An autoresponder send out a series of mails of your choice to the subscribers. The beauty with an autoresponder is that you can broadcast messages to all of the members. In that way you can promote whatever you like to the subscribers.
But back to the subscription above, all of the letters are very long. Mention lots of different other programs and a huge amount of information of this and that. With other words, the most confusing mails I ever have come across. Now English is not my first language, as I guess you have understood by now reading my newsletter, but it is very confusing. Please beware of that if you are going use autoresponders or mails. However I found this little piece of information among all that pile of information:

How to acquire CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates):

  1. A minimum of TWO (2) CSAs are allotted to you each month you attain the rank of EA (minimum 1500 VP)—available on or about the 12th of each month.
  2. You can win CSAs in the Daily Grand contest.
  3. CSAs can be won via Pricebenders Auctions. See schedule for upcoming CSA auctions.
  4. CSAs can be won each day in the Entrepreneur 365 Finalist drawing.
  5. Every month, thousands of Co-Sponsored Affiliates are forfeited and need a NEW co-sponsor. Become a Team Leader and a share of all of these forfeited Co-Sponsored Affiliates will be automatically added to your team, with YOU as their new co-sponsor!
  • Receive 1 share if you’re a Bronze Team Leader.
  • Receive 2 shares if you’re a Silver Team Leader.
  • Receive 3 shares if you’re a Gold Team Leader.
  • Receive 4 shares if you’re a Platinum Team Leader.

What if you put Team Atlantis, CSN and SFI together?
Three very strong cards to build your business online
If you are active I can provide you with this page for your promotion
Join My Team

2014-12-05 The Weekly Team Newsletter

Hi again member, now it is the last month of the year. Let’s do some big
things this last month.
And talking about time, I have now been here almost a year. Two more months left.
A very interesting year, I have learned a lot. I also found out that I’m second
in the class position. That is, placed second by all those who joined that day.
Great! But on second thought, during that day hundreds or even thousand must
have joined SFI. How many are left after ten months? Not many.

That is really sad!

How many different business have they joined during that time?
I don’t want to think about it. What a waste of time, think what they could be
achieved during this time to build their business in SFI  or Team Atlantis and
learned a lot of stuff during their journey, and even earned some money.
Giftcards: I have now given away 39 Giftcards and only one has used it.
Not overwhelming good but I have got 10 AVP for every one given away.
They were mailed to my list. There could be another strategy working better.
Do you have one? Please get back so we can share it here.