How is SFI different or better than other affiliate programs?

banner447 How is SFI different or better than other affiliate programs?
One answer at SFIs ASK SC to the subject in question.
ASK SC is only one feature of many at SFI to educate and help the members on autopilot. As I have claimed many times. You are forced to learn the system. It helps you with every aspect to learn how to take care of an online business and treat it as a real business. You have a To-Do list, Forums, a Stream feature to contact your downline, rewards when you contact your downline.
I have never seen any other program doing this.
And do you know what?
It’s FREE!

“SFI is different and better than other affiliate programs because it is very unique.
Surely those who have no exposure to the other programs would never know the difference. Today millions of people are very active in internet and social media. The opportunities available in internet are numerous.

Personally I have been in MLM business opportunities building network by word of mouth and made profits and in turn a lot of money for my uplines by shear hard work. As it has happened to so many the pyramid system never last long enough. The advent of affiliate marketing change this trend and its no longer a system which gives benefits to the top most only. SFI has its unique compensation plan which starts with EA, EA2, BTL, STL, GTL with unlimited earning possibilities with team building facilities worldwide.

SFI business is a calendar month business like any other and all benefits and commissions are distributed on monthly basis around 10th of every month. With all the free facilities provided by SFI, what more can anyone ask for”

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2014-09-17 The Weekly SFI Newsletter.

Yesterday I mailed to inactive members about I was sorry to see them go from this
very high quality business.
I got an answer for desperate need of help how to start SFI among this huge load
of information.
I think it could be of general interest how I answered.

Hi there SFI member.
We have to take small steps on your path to understand SFI.
You can’t understand and learn everything at once,
so don’t be discouraged.

First, if you have difficulties to understand English, use this tool:

Second, follow this Youtube video for your daily tasks:

That’s it. That is a good start.
By doing this you are forced to learn the system.
Be prepared that you don’t understand everything at once.
That doesn’t matter.

Wait with selling and haunt referrals.
First learn the basic of SFI.
Keep it simple.

When you have problems. Go to ASK SC or mail me

Once you get more knowledge about SFI you can go to next step.
But by doing your daily tasks you are on your way.
This take time, may be months. But don’t give up!

See You and Take Care
Mats Jacobson
Bronze Team Leader
Skype: mats_tenor

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