Crisis in the Traffic Exchanges?

I got this mail which makes me wonder what is going
to happen with the traffic exchanges.
Since the trouble and lockout from PayPal,
many Traffic Exchanges are struggling and with this
mail from an old good Traffic Exchange I’m really
worried about the future.
Judge for yourself.

“At Hit2Hit there are 9 paying upgraded members!

Obviously the cost of advertising and the server
are way higher and have been since December last

It starting to feel ridiculous. I am starting to
feel ridiculous. I am working and working paying
money to do so.

Even though I love this work and want to help you
all to earn money I am seriously thinking of quitting
with Hit2Hit as a traffic exchange. The domain will
stay with me.

I hate feeling ridiculous.

Hit2Hit is still here for now but I see no point
to keep it running as traffic exchange.

I would kid myself to think members want to purchase
something at Hit2Hit apart from those whom are doing
so now. Obviously Hit2Hit is no longer needed by any
of you but myself as domain and whatever I put on

Again Hit2Hit is still here and the host has been
paid again.

Wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous, harmonious and
lovely day with lot’s and lot’s of Love!

How Steve gave me new hope, traffic and leads.

Hi. Not given, rather gave me the ability to receive 100 leads every day.
With one referral that will rise to 200 leads every day.
That’s 3000 – 6000 leads every month!

To god to be true? Often the case and I felt the same, but Steve Dawson
was so convinced by his results so I joined.
And the conversion so far looks good so it’s not faked traffic as I have seen

before. I guess you have seen this online, it’s:

=> My Lead Gen Secret

Thirty dollars per month and 3000 – 6000 leads that’s very tempting.
He provides us even with our own capture page like this:

Some advertising places will reject otherwise it’s good.

Now a very important webinar which really gave me the answers to why
I and you fail in our business. Please pay real attention to the last part
of the webinar about the numbers game.

I think with My Lead Gen Secret we will be a step closer to that solution.

See you and take care
Mats Jacobson

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