Withdrawal Problem at Auto Bitcoin Builder.

There are issues with the the withdrawal for the moment at Auto Bitcoin Builder. Several members including me is still waiting for payout. So I will advise you not to make any investments until we know more about the situation.

I’m a member of Great Bitcoin Strategies and they have momentary replaced Auto Bitcoin Builder with InfinityBTC which is even better and a more solid program.

So we have to be cautious in the future with Auto Bitcoin Builder.


Auto Bitcoin Builder Tested Again

Update 2017-03-11: STAY AWAY!

Since I have the BitMiner scam in mind and people curious. I decided to test Auto Bitcoin Builder which is my first program in the Bitcoin Broke Man’s Plan. It also play an important roll in the program Big Bitcoin Strategies.

So my initial investment of $1 is rescued. I will continue to withdraw a larger amount next time to stress test this program since it’s so essential that it works and no scam will be lurking in the dark corners of online marketing.

This last withdraw took five minutes from initiating and until arriving at my Coinbase account or wallet.

Auto Bitcoin Builder So Far

I’m very fond of Bitcoin and learning everyday. Yes and even learn everyday which programs to stay away from. As time pass I try to show my results here on the blog to let people know what to avoid. And of course what to join. Preferable me 🙂

So above is the result from Auto Bitcoin Builder. And as you see I have managed to withdraw a small amount just as testing. It worked well and I got to my Bitcoin wallet in minutes. So lets see if we can keep up this. I let you know.

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