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By the way now when I have your attention. I am surfing a lot as you understand and a frequent problem is all those virus, name it, what you get along a session. I have a good anti-virus program, firewall and so on, but it does not help. Something uneasy is always sneaking into my computer.

But I have finally found a solution for this. Run the web-browser or other program in a sandbox. What is that?
It is a program that isolate your program you run in the sandbox. There is a space reserved in your hard-drive and everything nasty happening in that area does not affect your computer. The program I use is called Sandboxie.

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I had to move my domain with a WordPress blog to a new server. But how to do that without spending hours and maybe loose everything? Earlier it was a daunting task to do this but I could recall several plugins which could help me. Money is always an issue, could I find a free one which did all what it should do?

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