The weekly newsletter for my SFI downline

A new week and we are closing in to end of this month and the ever
problem how to get our active VersaPoints.
But if you have visited Ask SC lately, which is one of your daily
tasks. You will find some very good answers for this problem.
Here’s the link for you to explore:

Another problem is to get referrals. You have instructions, Ask SC and lessons
for this as well. For my own part, I buy referrals from Tripleclicks and some
pour still in from the S-Builder Co-op.
When I find an active PSA (personal referral)
I transfer members to the PSA in question to reward him or her for being an active
participant. And as I have written before, I tend to transfer people from the
same country or language.
A rather simple scheme. But is cost money. If you can’t afford, try to stay EA
until money starts coming into your account.
If you pay for something in SFI, see it as an investment as in true life.

And as always, please ask questions if you need help.

To your success
Mats Jacobson
Bronze Team Leader
Skype: mats_tenor

I just grabbed FREE TCredits and MRP with W3!

icon share w3Kit  I just grabbed FREE TCredits and MRP with W3!I just renewed my free WAVE3 membership at TripleClicks. Took just 30 seconds to get 5 FREE TCredits, 50 FREE Member Rewards Points, and a FREE song download! To start getting YOURS free each month, just order the W3 kit.

Yes as long I’m member I get rewarded every month. And it’s very easy to maintain this W3 status. This is just one tiny example of all benefits to be a member in SFI

Is your online business safe?

 Is your online business safe?And by that I don’t refer to online scams or other dodgy schemes.
Now and then I get that horrible thought. What if I loose everything about my online business?
You know URLs, recipes, passwords, mails, total blank, nada, nil, zero! I’m already sweating by the thought.

Yes, I have a virus program. A new supplier, not Norton or those ones, it’s Zonealarm. And I have the Extreme version with Firewall and watch out. Backup!
You do run a backup once and awhile, do you?

So I have Antivirus, Firewall and Backup. Something more?
Talking about backup. Consider to use the “cloud”. I use Dropbox for all my most important files. There are many similar services out there, OneDrive is one more. So with an internet connection you can access all your files and maps everywhere you want.

How about passwords? Same here, there are some programs that handles this as well. I use LastPass, which have worked splendid for me.
Bookmarks. Always nice to access your bookmarks at several devices and as a backup. My favorite here is Xmarks.
Theft! If you own a laptop you will find several apps here to protect your laptop. My version of Zonealarm have a feature to track your laptop.

Have I left something out here? Could be spam and malicious ads. Most mail programs have some kind of spam filter so I see no problem here for my part. However nasty ads and spybots. I use the good and old Spybot – Search and Destroy which has saved me several times. This programs solves most problems where your antivirus get stuck – so run them both. Yes, not at the same time. One more thing, don’t use two antivirus with your computer, that is. Do NOT have two antivirus installed. That means trouble.

So do yourself a favor, look over what I have written above and take necessary action for your own safety.

I just won the Daily Grand Drawing! Again.

icon share dailygrand I just won the Daily Grand Drawing! Again.Every day, SFI awards $2000 in free prizes to 200 of their affiliates. And I’m lucky one now again, I just won 50 *MRP!
So I invite you to join me in SFI (and come win some prizes too).

* MRP = Member Rewards Points. Every product at TripleClicks--over 100,000 products and growing--lists an MRP value next to the price. Once you've accumulated the needed MRP, all you have to do is put the item you want in your shopping cart, choose MRP as your payment option, and check out! It's that simple, and you pay only for shipping (if any)!

Work with the workers

A team is great, but often a few people really do their work. The active referrals could be all in the span of one to ten percent depending of the business and how well you communicate with your downline. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay in tune with your downline. Answer their question, propose tools and places for their ads. But there’s a saying; “Work With The Workers” and this quote or saying is from SFI.

SFI have a very low percent of active people. Mostly for the reason, I guess, that their ad say, it’s FREE. Nothing wrong with that, because it’s true. But it attracts those tire kickers and watchers. However with that in mind it doesn’t bother me anymore and as said earlier, it goes for every online business with referrals and downlines.

That knowledge and mindset helps me when I see people leave the ship. “Work with the workers”! Don’t waste your time with those who don’t follow you and duplicate your work. Of course, initially you have to convince those inactive for the benefits. But there’s a point it will be useless.