How to reach the top – My Way (in SFI)

Morena has a good article at the SFI Forum about how to succeed.

“I read many of you, new affiliates ,write on forum and ask many questions …how to reach team leader status… how to progress without investments…how to find active PSA….All this questions shows that you want to learn, progress and understand better the system. This show that you are active, willing to learn and willing to work…and is a good starting point.
I want to share some of my thoughts about being and achieving PTL …..and more.
I am almost 2 years in this amazing business and from a first minute I decided this is a right business for me and make a commitment to myself that I will try and do everything that needs, to reach the top.
I sign in 29.07.2013. and that day, I work and read till late in the night ..excited and happy to do every little step to go forward.
And 31.07. I was EA2 … month BTL, and continue ….in April 2014., for the first time I become a PTL. Now, almost 2 year pass and I am still in love with SFI and I am trying to reach Diamond status….This is my next goal! :)
So I want to tell you…….

I want to tell you, that you all can be PTL! All of you! With hard work and dedication every one of you can reach this goal! NO EXCEPTIONS !!! From the first day, I came to work and succeed. No slackening and no dilemma ..this is a amazing opportunity! We have all we need here (all tools, help…). We just need to invest time and effort (and money if you can) but not necessarily … Less financial investment certainly can help in faster progress and better results. So think and answer this questions: Is this is a right business for you? Are you are in it with all your hearth and want to achieve maximum? ….. If the answer are yes, then go !!! Without fear and doubt, go full steam …. invest time, effort and work.. and believe me ……. it will worth all!
Hope this can help you too to reach your goals.

SO, how I did it?

1.WE DON’T NEED TO BE EXPERTS – I want to say that I didn’t have any internet and marketing experience, before, I wasn’t even able to do my first blog (now I have 10 of them). This, to tell you and show that we don’t need great skills to begin and to be successful. All we need is our desire and persistence, our decision that we will do all needed to be successful. We will learn all things we need and don’t know by the way, SFI is a great opportunity for this reason too, we can learn while working and progress. We have great help in internet Income Course Lessons, that we can study and learn anytime we have time, and any time we want to learn more..
You can find it here:

2. GO TO “WORK” EVERY DAY – Only with doing regularly all our Daily, Weekly and Monthly actions, we will take all advantages and use all the benefits that SFI give to us. Every VP is important and take care not to loose any.

3.BUILD YOUR TEAM – this is the most important part of our work that will bring us to the top. Use your time (in the beginning) and money too (later, when you begin to earn) to advertise and build your team. We have million ways to do it- free advertising sites, social media, newspapers, word spreading, friends, relatives…are only a part of it. Use your imagination, use Google search, try to be original and different in creating your ads…and don’t ever be discouraged or unsatisfied if the results don’t shows immediately!

4.HELP OTHERS – “You can have everything you want if you help other people get what they wand.” Zig Ziglar Help your team and other affiliates to reach their goals – this is a right way to success. Spend time and effort with your team, help them, teach them and be always there for them. Congratulate for their success, award them.. even a little sign of appreciation and recognition will motivate them. Remember, we are strong just how strong is our team. Share your experience with others, your team, other affiliates, forum…

5.STAY POSITIVE – We all faced different moments in our lives and in our business too. The important thing is to stay focused on our goals, with positivism and conviction that we are doing the right thing. And even if we don’t see results now, we are building something great, that will make us proud. Bad times will pass …

6.NEVER QUIT – Believe in yourself and believe in what you do. Winners are not those who never fail, but those who quit!”

Wish you all the success you dream of!!! :)”

2015-04-15 The Weekly SFI Newsletter.

banner447Look new EZ and PB tabs at the homepage!

SFI continues to improve for every day. Read about
these new features below. To “gray” out the tabs you have to spend a VP to make this happen. With new features there is always a small learning curve and sometimes even programing bugs.
But in the end it will always be an improvement.

And hey, we get all this for free. Imagine how much this whole member site costs to run. And your are not forced to pay anything, you can stay free as long you wish. Have also in mind that you get lessons, and many of those just for free. I have not seen so much content for a free member site before.
So take the opportunity to use this site as paying or non-paying member to learn what it is to run an online business.
Below the explanations of the new tabs:

With Eager Zebra and Pricebenders becoming bigger and bigger parts of TripleClicks, we decided it was time to give them each their own tab on the SFI homepage.

The Pricebenders tab is labeled “PB.”

The Eager Zebra tab is labeled “EZ.”

Effective immediately, you can now earn two extra AVP (Action VersaPoints) each day by doing the activities outlined on these new homepage tabs.

Another very important thing we wanted to accomplish with these new tabs was to get the business opportunity each represent front and center.

That is, we believe that many, many affiliates have overlooked the great earnings opportunities represented by referring prospects to Pricebenders and Eager Zebra games.  So we’ve loaded up these new tabs with info and links to resources to help make sure every affiliate knows about and is taking advantage of these opportunities.

You can check out both of these great new tabs at your SFI homepage now.

I won Card King!

DynBanTM_300I won!

CONGRATULATIONS, Mats, your terrific score(s) yesterday has earned you one or more shares of the Card King Zackpot for April 12, 2015!

The final Zackpot was 2094 TCredits. Your share was 14 TCredits. They have been added to your TripleClicks Member account and you may start redeeming them immediately. To learn about all the different ways you can use your TCredits, log in at:

On April 12, 2015, you also earned playing Card King:
* 368 points for the Card King Leaderboard
* A Card King badge (or badge upgrade) for your TripleClicks homepage

To see where your best score yesterday of 3685 ranked amongst April 12, 2015’s winners–and to see the entire list of all members sharing this day’s Zackpot–go to:

Also, check out where you are now on the Card King Leaderboard at:

Ready to compete for the title of “King of Cards” again? Head over now (your first two games are FREE) to:

For more of my Eager Zebra games you can play, see:

Again, congratulations on your awesomeness! Zack Zebra

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2015-04-08 The Weekly SFI Newsletter

banner447Now I did it again! What may you ask?
Got out of focus.
It was yesterday evening after a day
at work at my ordinary work. Got home. Ate a bit. A short nap and then to the computer to work my online business. What I next remember was that I looked at the wall watch. God, it was late! How on earth did that happen? It was close to bed-time. And the most frightening thought was. I had not accomplish something relevant, or at least in my opinion nothing like that or far away. And I talk several hours of work in front of my computer. I think this has happen to you as well, not only with your online business, but most of your daily tasks.

Now then, this does not happen to me everyday I may say, thanks for that. I have whiteboard with some short notes telling me in which order I have to do things with my business. And if we talk about SFI, we have these wonderful red tabs. Just start from left to the right and you have a solid strategy for what to do and when. Further on, you have the To-Do List as the second tab. It is a good routine to get back to this one in the end of your session to see if you have missed something. It is divided into several blocks as daily, monthly and so on not for you to miss any action or valuable VersaPoints. The VPLedger is also a good place to catch any minus sign that has sneaked into the ledger below your radar. That means that you have missed an action or task. You find it here:

And please, do not miss the free games at your TripleClicks page. So if you follow this simple plan you should be at the safe side, at least regarding your SFI business. Beyond that you have to use your whiteboard or some other kind of notes to follow. Very much like a pilots checklist to stay in focus.