Hi There My Friend See What You think To This…

I’ve come across this program that looks like it could be a fantastic
way to Promote Our Existing Business Online.

Did you notice…

Near the top of that page highlighted in RED is a button labelled
(My Programs) it leads to my personal Programs Page, a page I
set up very easily, within my members Area. Go back and CLICK
it again you’ll see the List of programs I am promoting.

As a PRO member I can add up to 20 programs. Now just consider
this for a moment… Only MY Ads are displayed on that page, NOT
one Advert from the owner or other members for that matter and
that goes for all of my Buildabizonline external pages.

I think it’s Fantastic, it also means using this one page…
“We’re Only Advertising OUR Business NOT Someone Else’s”.

Now this may shock you.. that is just ONE Tool. you should see the
REST, they have Email trackers to Splash page and Banner builders
and even a FREE Auto-Responder program.

Plus, I think this is a good idea… you know how the big guys are
always saying Brand Yourself, well we have that option open to us

Another thing the big guys are always telling us is “Build your list”
Well that can be done with this program too. All your down line is
listed for you AND you can mail them from your members Area…
so no need for an Auto responder, Fantastic.

Just before you go, I need to tell you this…

You can join as a FREE and stay FREE forever BUT if someone joins
under you and upgrades you will only receive $.75 BUT if YOU are
upgraded at just $5.75, you would make $2.00 a month so long as
both stayed a PRO that is.

Now that’s not bad for the Low Pro Fee of Just $5.75 is it.

I would love you to get back to me and let me know what
you think, here’s my Affiliate link again.

To your Success Mats Jacobson


This would be a great fit for you.

Serious Money in an unstable economy

When I jumped on this I immediately thought of you.

It’s a business with multiple income streams and unlimited earning potential,
with an incredible support system.

Now I know you’re probably skeptical. I was too at first.

But I did my due diligence on this and couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

The 4Corners Alliance Group is all about giving people the financial tools,
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But where it gets really interesting is that you can spread the word about
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And when you do spread the word, people will come. They already have. The fact is,
4Corners is experiencing exponential growth in a very short period of time.

This isn’t surprising, considering how reputable the company is and how receptive
people are to their mission.

Of course, if you’re like me you’ve probably seen pitches left and right about
the “next big thing”. I’m here to tell you that this really is different.


Mats Jacobson

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Once I saw what it was all about I was hooked, and I think you will be too!

I saw this and thought of you

The Millionaire Mindset

Hi there.

What if you were part of a system that gave you multiple income streams and unlimited
earning potential?

I know that sounds hard to believe, but hear me out, because this is the real deal.
The 4Corners Alliance Group gives you the financial tools, training and guidance
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And this is a company that is growing faster than anything I’ve ever seen.
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We’re talking about a company that gives people rock solid, cutting edge
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Don’t Give Up Your Online Business!

struggleI got a disappointed mail from one of my downliners in GDI.
He wrote something like this:

I am not too comfortable with this program anymore, it’s like things are not just working right.

..putting hours everyday without fail but yet not much luck.
….one of the two never reply just of my mails, while the second is only interested in making money but not ready to work for it.

If you have been online doing business for a while I think you recognize this.
This is my answer:

Hi XXX. Don’t give up. What you describe is what is so sadly common regarding
online business.
People join those flashy business ads and expect to do almost no work and be
rewarded after some weeks. They then join another programs and stay there for
some weeks and go to the next one. There’s a name for this, Butterfly Marketing.
Flying from one flower to another one looking for the great gem hidden somewhere.

Now I can tell you XXX that you have greater success so far than most people.
Imagine you start a shop offline. And you then come late in the afternoon and
leave early. And after some weeks you find that the shop is no success.
Most online marketer then blame the program for this. We must understand that
it take years for an offline business to get into profit.
And certainly several months for an online business to get off. It’s hard work.
Now also consider all the work WsProfits save for us. Imagine doing all that
work as well with the safelists.

My last business was SFI which I stayed in for over a year without any success.
I had at most 600 downliners!!!
Two or three of them was active! I did all with newsletter and whatever I could
so I had to leave.
Was SFI bad? No.
But me and SFI didn’t work by some reason.

Sending too many letters could also be a bad idea, it could set people off if they
think you are spamming them. So don’t be pushy or selling in your approach.
Be supportive and have patience.
So I end this letter only to beg you to take the above into consideration
before you give up.