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Some hard rules at SFI

I just read this at the SFI and it struck me that this can be applied at our other business online too. Most I’m interested interested in the discussion about being focused on your business. It’s so easy to be distracted away by someone who try to make you join their business. And besides, how ethical is it to steal referrals from other?
Here is the question:

How do you prevent people from preying on your downline and convincing them to join other programs?

The answer is a bit lengthy but worth reading. For me it was a new alarm clock to stay tuned to your business and have faith and confidence with it. And stay with it!

The answer:

Your question is a very complex one.
But the answer is very straightforward: Upholding SFI Ethics and Rules of communication between affiliates.
Let us explain this further.
I. The problem

1. The complexity of the question stems from the facts that (i) we are humans and as such we have weaknesses that often make us ignore ethics and rules; (2) most of us are home based entrepreneurs and internet marketers who are running more than one business. Hence, we have this unshakable tendency to see potential prospects in everybody that comes to a reachable range.
2. There are four main areas of SFI business communications and interactions where we come in contact with affiliates that are not our upline or downline: (a) a2a as a social media where we can built a network; (b) the forum as it gives us opportunities to exchange ideas, look at other affiliates profiles; (c) Ask SC: we can see all those who have asked questions and when the best answers are made official, we can interact with all those who have provided a reply; and (d) the winners of the Daily Grand Drawing; In all these instances, we can look at an affiliate’s profile and send them a message, after we associate with them through a2a.
Somebody may be tempted to use all or any of these avenues to market their business opportunities and try to lure affiliates away from SFI or, to the least, in concomitance with SFI. This may have a negative effect on the effectiveness of our efforts to promote SFI successfully.
People think they can multi-task, do several things at the same time. But it is proven that focusing on a single task is more effective in producing results. Any time taken away to promote another business opportunity will negatively impact SFI’s results, at least by diverting time and resources.
Hence this needs to be dealt with this problem at two levels
II. The Solutions
One solution is already in place and is being implemented. It will be effective to reinforce it with our specific actions directed to our downline.
A. First Solution: SFI’s Ethics of communications between Affiliates
1. SFI Affiliate Agreement, provision 17 states very clearly”
“17. Affiliate is strictly prohibited from soliciting SFI affiliates for other business opportunities. Although SFI takes no issue with affiliates being involved with other business opportunities outside of SFI, affiliates may not use any SFI resource or tool (i.e. TeamMail, TeamTalk, PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, My Best Tips, etc.) to promote these other business opportunities or for-profit endeavors to other affiliates.” Thus, we have a prohibition to use SFI tools of communication to lure affiliates to other business opportunities. This applies to even our own personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs). We are reminded of this prohibition any time we want to communicate, send a message or an e-Card to other affilites.
2. To send a message to any affiliate that is not our downline or upline, we will have to be associated with them through a2a. When we access their profile and chose to send them that message, we will see the flashing warning:
“NOTE! Using a2a for the solicitation of ANY product (including co-ops), service, or program is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in your immediate suspension or termination.”
3. To send an Ecard, we also have to agree not to use the eCard for any other purpose than SFI Business, for we indeed have another warning:
“IMPORTANT! Using Affiliate E-Cards for any purpose other than what they are designed for is prohibited. Using Affiliate E-Cards for advertising or soliciting, for example, will result in suspension and/or loss of access privileges.”
Despite the precautions built in SFI, still people ignore such warning either knowingly or unaware of them. Thus, we may want to make our affiliates sensitive to the issue
B. Helping our Affiliates focus on SFI and its Multiple Streams of Income.
It is a matter of both (i) helping our Affiliates be aware of the rules and ethics as well as (ii) showing them the full potential of SFI, the possibilities of making an excellent living by promoting all the streams of income offered here.
As the provision 17 of the SFI Affiliate Agreement opens the door for us to run other businesses simultaneously, it also prohibit us from using SFI’s tools to do so. However clearly, it is to our disadvantage to divert our time and resources from the Multiple Streams of income it offers. This is a proven system that has very few similarities with other home based businesses.
Thus, it is to our advantages to help our affiliates see all the potential SFI is offering us.
Truly, these are the most sensible ways to handle this issue properly.

banner451 Some hard rules at SFI

Nathan Gurley happy member in my team

 Nathan Gurley  happy member in my teamTeamwork and helping your downliners is crucial, that’s a lesson I have learned lately and appreciated by many of my members in my downline. Think of it, how many times do you not have a complete silent upline. You send mails, hello I’m here! I have a question! Silence! How keen are you to continue in that program if you get stuck or find an obstacle?

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