1000 Credits, 1$, 1000 Banner Imps, 1000 Text Imps. FREE.

That was easy, I surfed 100 pages in Mousumi and got all that for free.
It is to good just to left it on the table so why not join now?


By the way now when I have your attention. I am surfing a lot as you understand and a frequent problem is all those virus, name it, what you get along a session. I have a good anti-virus program, firewall and so on, but it does not help. Something uneasy is always sneaking into my computer.

But I have finally found a solution for this. Run the web-browser or other program in a sandbox. What is that?
It is a program that isolate your program you run in the sandbox. There is a space reserved in your hard-drive and everything nasty happening in that area does not affect your computer. The program I use is called Sandboxie.

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