2015-10-07 The Weekly Newsletter

virusComputer_main_Full_xlargeDo you promise too much?

I got a mail today from Allinoneprofit about many of us claim unrealistic earnings when we promote AIOP. Yes that’s valid for every business we promote online. And it got me to think what I’m saying in my ads and what other say in theirs.

I can recall a cross mail from one lead accusing me for a scammer and God knows what. It was mid in the team change from one team claiming, we do paid advertising for you. So this person felt conned but as a matter of fact at that time, and later, I made paid promotion for my downline. However I felt no motivation to argue with this person after such a verbal attack, rather a relief to get rid of the person. It must be a mutual trust between upline and downline.

But this mail from AIOP made me think over how we advertise. I also promote GDI with the team WsProfits, and I may admit it could be on the edge. But the system is very forceful and you are getting many leads everyday using the mail system. This system is free but you have to pay for an autoresponder after 30 days. So the initial costs is zero. Hmmm… OK.

In AIOP my ads say simple. Yes it is simple comparing to many other business with many sub programs and this and that to make it work. But I’m afraid that many see simple as no work.
This is dangerous, there is no business online which make you money on autopilot! There are smarter and better. I say it again, you have to work. In other case everyone would be online and no one working in real life. And sorry, it takes time! It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. In real life you can have to wait for many years before you see any profit. We can shorter this time a bit when doing business online.

So building a successful business in Network Marketing takes time and has to be based on REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS!

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