2015-10-15 The Weekly Newsletter

2009-08-06 15.11.28Hi again everyone, it’s scary how fast weeks fly away. Soon a new year. Exaggerating a bit here, please slow down Mats!
Some information for the AIOP team:
Each member have got 18.214 hits so far to their link.

I made a test buy at ClixSense. 5000 Ad Credits. No signups for my part. Darrel, any luck?

Now this was very few hits but I have a feeling that most people clicking those links are just out for some pennies. The targeting is not the best one for us. Am I right?

Do you have or get plenty of credits in a traffic exchange which is not the top one?
Do you know that you clean and rinse those hits?
In my case I send these hits to a coop program. For me it’s The Legacy Team Ad Co-op.
So, you show the rotator link where you want, then your URL of your choice is shown everywhere the team advertises.

Then I ad even more power by putting my the rotator link in this program to earn even more credits
and my URL shown at other places. Viral Traffic Bar
Do you follow? My credits are cleaned at two places using this procedure.
You can contact me if you want more help.

By the way, do you have any smart tricks to advertise?

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