2015-10-22 The Weekly Newsletter.

2015-10-19 09.06.04And hi again, already a new week at its end.

Did you remember I used Viral Traffic Bar to clean my hits? The sad thing is as follow, admin has not yet approved my ads! Almost over a week since I added that ad. So what to say, an admin that don’t bother about their members? One more day and I skip the program.

I guess you also get those hundreds or even thousands spam mails every day. I don’t understand how this still works for those people since most internet users today are acquainted with these mails and stay away from them. But obvious it still works. But from our side it’s a waste of time and effort to send them out. Do you really believe someone join your business and put out some money to a total stranger with a standard mail promising this and that for no effort from you? No as said many times, people buy from other people they know and trust. Your primary and first task is to build trust and recognition. With other words, branding.

Branding your name and picture, that’s it!

I’m always out and looking for sources about buying traffic.
So I just found Steve Ayling’s Traffic Coop.

Which claims the following:

Steve tracks and monitors all his advertising purchases and is constantly adding new ones and dropping under performers. A lot of people ask about his tracking results all the time as they want to advertise in the same places”.

But now anyone can by joining Steve’s Traffic Co-Op and doing so will get you approximately 5000 real hits a month.

So I will have a close watch on this site and in first hand buy hits to our AIOP Team.
For the GDI/WsProfits business I use the very forceful WsProfits as a feeder, so I don’t need any additional hits here.

That’s all folks for this week.
Take care and see you.

Mats Jacobson

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