2017-04-17 Update From Our GBS Coach.

You may have heard about our RESET at Great Bitcoin Strategies.
This is an extract from Skype for those who don’t hang out there.
Yes, I urge you to join us here for the latest update and some
fun conversation with us. And you will learn to allot along the ride.
Our Skype Group

Good Day Team
Welcome to #Mission1000
Our goal is to recruit 1000 active paid team members and help 100 ppl make 1000 dollars a month.
Today we hit the reset button on our business and start over to help everyone build up a team of 4 ppl each.
Please contact your Team Captain or Team Leader today for your Team Gameplan.
We will hold each of you accountable for 500 plus hits.
You will hold us accountable to help you get referrals and earn commissions.
Fair Enough?

Four Keys to Task Force Echo Success
1. Show up daily to work on and in your business.
2. Communicate daily with your Sponsor and Team Leader. Keep business on track and on the budget.
3. Get Educated on our online system to help you become successful in earning commissions and be able to train another to Get Started Right with our GBS system.
4. Stick around for 12 to 36 months. Remember this is a marathon to earning well. Not a Sprint or Get Rich overnight program.
Now let’s put in some work over the next 30 days the evaluate where your business looks like now compared to 30 days from today.

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