2017-04-23 Team Mail About Last Team Meeting

Hi team members. These team emails go to everyone in my GBS downline. If you
don’t want to receive them, please mail me.

Today I have some news from the team meeting yesterday. As I wrote last time
the focus is to slim the organization, leave most of the bitcoin matrixes in the future.
Today it’s a tool for new starters to earn funds so they can upgrade in other programs.
Also, more focus on promoting Great Bitcoin Strategies so people can follow the plan
and join you in multiple sites.

Question from Coach. Are you willing and work the plan for 12 months if you start from
scratch? This is a very relevant question since every online business needs
dedication and work. There is no business that will work if you watch it from the fence!

Two new programs in the downline builder you have to pay attention to:
Simple Safelist There is a plan there as well worth reading. Or more brutal, you shall read!
MyPayCheckWeekly Another program to build funds from scratch.

GBS, InfinityPush and AOIP
And for those in AIOP, the focus is also to build your list in these three programs.
As a source for which traffic exchange to use, we use TE Surf Academy.

Don’t forget the TripleA Plan friends.

And as always, communicate by mail and Skype, no question is too stupid.

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