2017-05-02 Your GBS Team Letter for today.

Hi team members. These team emails go to everyone in my GBS downline. If you
don’t want to receive them, please mail me.

One of my team members asked me the other day, why shall I join
AIOP? It was in connection with a mail regarding Pay4Ever.

So I answered something like this:

I don’t know how far you have gone in the plan. AIOP is there in Mission 4, point 5

You follow the Plan do you? 😉

By promoting your GBS referral URL you funnel people into our
programs. And among those Pays4Ever is one of the first.

However or but, if you can afford $10 a month I would very much
recommend AIOP. Why?
AIOP is series of great tools to build your business for almost no
money. What pulls my attention is the autoresponder.
The autoresponder sends out a series of prepared emails to your
subscribers on autopilot.
And most important, you collect people’s names and email addresses.
One such we call a lead.
Every lead is worth money since you can mail them different offers
by broadcasting these to all in your list.

Here is my example of a Pays4Ever splashpage created in AIOP:

How are you doing your traffic exchanges? Are you experienced?
I have some help here and plan to do a for safelists:


So I regard an autoresponder very important since collecting leads
is very important and would be started as early as possible if you
can afford it.

Not all of have joined us in the Skype room which is a pity. You miss
very much valuable information from owners and Coach.
I have collected some of what Coach wrote the other day for you to read.

"This week starts a New week...We have came a long way over the
past 90 days in numbers. However there is always room for improvement
in advertising for the team and splitting time advertising for yourself.
I want you to learn how to stop thinking about YOU and focus on the TEAM.
The more people you help the bigger your income will grow...
So far over the past week I have ran into a few people who just complains but only been
here a minute or 2. If your other team was so successful WHY DID YOU LEAVE?
If you feel you are smarter than myself and Dave, then Why don't you build your own team?
There is an old saying: If It ain't broke and you earning...don’t try to fix the squeaky wheel...
That was the Army version.
We have only just begun.... We analyze, we train and then we adapt.
You got to Crawl, before you can walk or run with anything you do.

Just keep an open mind to LEARNING, follow the system we have laid out, contribute 
to the team.....lets focus on helping each other, helping the team and your
commissions will come pouring in.…

Those who keep chasing shiny objects forget they can mold one piece of coal
into a diamond.....doesn't happen overnight but results are spectacular."

That was some hard and honest words. But this is the reality and without some true words now and then we fool
ourselves that everything is OK when it’s not.



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