2017-05-29 GBS News and Update

Some major update at Great Bitcoin Strategies for my team:

Hi, here is some interesting news for you which I got from the last team meeting with our Coach Kris.

We are now talking about the power of 5.

That is we all help each other to get 5 referrals by promoting a common rotator with all our GBS referral links in.
You may have heard of it before but now I will take care of the rotator.

– So, 500 hits at least every week to our rotator.
– If you want to join, mail me so I can give you the rotator URL.

What have we more?

AIOP is an important program for us, join and upgrade as soon as you can afford it, so we can build our downlines fast.
– BitcoFarm is a good entrance to start earning from small to bigger.
– After Bitcofarm, Global2X2 is what our team shall focus on to start growing with a small investment. I can even pay forward for you (PIF). Only 0.002 BTC.
– Next goal is to make you so much that you can upgrade your GBS account.

GBS has also a very bold goal for the team leaders to help everyone get 100 referrals!

How does this sound? If you want to get on this train mail me. But you must be committed, I don’t accept any free riders and I or someone else do the work for you. I will kick you out faster than ever.

Mats Jacobson

Great Bitcoin Strategies
Task Force Echo


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