2017-06-09 This Week at Great Bitcoin Strategies

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster.
First, it was BitcoFarm which only paid out if you had put in some cash first. I don’t have the details but it was enough to delete it from our downlinebuilder. We had it as an entrance program for thos who joined and didn’t have any money. So it was out of the question to delete it. I now only use it to buy advertising for the bitcoins I have earned. So, in that case, it works great.

The second problem was Global2X2 who went out of business. At this point, it was frustrating for us all. But now for the good part. I guess most business owners had given up but here we show our strength and seek for a solution.

The solution is to create our own inhouse programs so we don’t have to depend on any other and their problems.
First out is a mailer. HibbardBrandingMall, and later our bitcoin matrix. This is great news for us all and this will benefit the whole team for a good starting position in the matrix.

Progress this week:

  • GBS 71 Referrals, 4 Pro
  • Pays4Ever account #1. Phase1 – Level2. Referrals 3. $6
  • Pays4Ever account #2. Phase1 – Level1. Referrals 1. $2
  • 2X9BitMax account #1 Lvl 4. 0.0052 BTC
  • 2X9BitMax account #2 Lvl 3. 0.BTC
  • InfinityPush. Premium member. 4 active, 6 passive. $9.25
  • BTCInvestment account #1. 0.004 BTC
  • BTCInvestment account #2. 0.004 BTC RJGM!
  • BTCInvestment account #3. 0.004 BTC RJGM!
  • 2X2Club. 0.03 BTC
  • ClixSense $0.03.
  • Neobux $0.189 1 Referral
  • AIOP 2 upgraded, One up, 1 Free

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