2017-06-23 This weeks progress at GBS

Hi fellow GBS marketer.
This week was a real disaster talking about tracking and rotators. It really slowed us down.
For the moment BuildaBizOnline is back but there are certain links which will not work.
Ian the owner is working on it so it will soon be fixed and we can promote all of our team links for full.

Not all of you have Skype (shame on you) so I quote Kris here:

“Those that are in AIOP should be using Eat My Clicks to track their LCPs promotions and pay attention to weekly conversions. So personal referrals in programs should have gone up.

Over the next 30 days if you plan to follow our lead. You should be coming into this chat
discussing where you promoted, how many leads convert and how much money you made.
Real simple…
It is great to socialize, but we got to put in the work to Earn and help each other Earn….
Freedom isn’t free and we have a heavy tax to pay called time in order to get it.”

Now don’t forget to make this progress report on our facebook group.
And next to remember is our team meeting tomorrow with our Coach Kris.
The link is https://expertise.tv/webinar/back2basics-training
See you there!

Progress this week:

GBS 84 Referrals, 7 new. 3 Pro
$0.00 from GBS this week
EveryoneCanEarnMatrix. Pos 1. 0.00 BTC. Our new flagship, created by GBS!
Pays4Ever account #1. Phase1 – Level2. Referrals 3. $6
Pays4Ever account #2. Phase1 – Level1. Referrals 2. $4
2X9BitMax account #1 Lvl 4. 0.0082 BTC
2X9BitMax account #2 Lvl 3. 0.BTC
InfinityPush. Premium member. 4 active, 6 passive. $10.25
150CashMagic. Pos. 1 $3
BTCInvestment account #1. 0.004 BTC
BTCInvestment account #2. 0.004 BTC RJGM!
BTCInvestment account #3. 0.004 BTC RJGM!
2X2Club. 0.03 BTC
ClixSense $0.03.
Neobux $0.189 1 Referral
AIOP 2 upgraded, One up

Disclaimer: My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same,
but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

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