2017-07-21 This Weeks Progress at Great Bitcoin Strategies

This weeks biggest news is our own Bitcoin matrix.
Everyone Can Earn Matrix.

At last our own program that we have full power and control over.
Of course, there have been some bumps during the journey and that’s completely normal. And this is first of program in series from Team Force Echo, so stay tuned. In 30 days you will see more.

You can join it here. Only refer two people and you are going.

This weeks advice:
– Build your list
– Show up
– Communicate
– Get educated
– Stick around for at least twelve months
– Focus on your business, you can’t serve two masters (programs)

I still focus on promoting my AIOP business. It’s a good program to earn and put those referrals later into Great Bitcoin Strategies.

Sorry, this week made it urgent to point out this for a member:
It’s every member’s responsibility to take action and answer
for their own willingness to follow instructions and pay attention
to those given for them. It’s your business, not GBS, Charles or someone else.
This is a painful change in mindset that we all have to learn, I included. But this is the first place I have seen the possibility with my team members, Coach and owners to help me achieve this goal.
I invite you to take this opportunity to make a decisive change in your life and we offer you this possibility at GBS. Please accept our offer.

PS: Don’t forget our Webinar tomorrow with our coach.

Progress this week:

GBS 94 Referrals and cleaning out my downline, 1 new. 4 Pro
$0.00 from GBS this week
Everyone Can Earn Matrix. Pos 1. 0.00 BTC. Our new flagship, created by GBS!
Pays4Ever account #1. Phase1 – Level 3. $8
Pays4Ever account #2. Phase1 – Level 3. $6
2X9BitMax account #1 Lvl 4. 0.0082 BTC
2X9BitMax account #2 Lvl 3. 0.0002 BTC
InfinityPush. Premium member. 4 active, 6 passive. $10.25
150CashMagic. Pos. 1, $3
BTCInvestment account #1. 0.004 BTC. 22/8, 3/10
BTCInvestment account #2. 0.004 BTC RJGM! 9/09, 29/10
BTCInvestment account #3. 0.004 BTC RJGM! 9/09, 29/10
AIOP 2 upgraded, One up
New referrals in some side programs

Disclaimer: My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

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