2017-08-18 This Weeks Progress at Great Bitcoin Strategies

My earnings so farThis week we continue to build our team in 2DollarWave which is in our Fast Track System. It’s one of the first programs in that ladder to build a good solid ground for an initial beginning of your income. As you earn you use those funds to start joining the next step or program in the Fast Track System. By doing so you secure that you don’t spend more money out of your pocket than you afford. But it’s up to you if you like to force the whole process by investing more money at that moment.

During the week I have continued to try out the Quickstart at TeamEliteHomeBusiness. For the moment it has slow down and I try to understand why, but to be sure I have to test it for a longer period of time.
My focus has also been on building leads using a splashpage for AIOP. It may be so that I change focus later to do so with the splashpage for GBS. The aim is to collect leads, not direct signups for GBS or AIOP. I have the idea that’s it more valuable with the leads than a direct signup with the high risk they sit on the fence just watching.

The wisdom of words from our AIOP expert Dave Fullmer:
Communications is one of the top keys to success in internet marketing. You can not do it alone.
Shared ideas and relationship building are all important. I can tell you from experience. It took me 10 years of hunt and punch persistence to find that out.
We tell people Join, communicate, get educated, and stick around long enough to see some results.
Above all, decide to stop chasing shiny objects like I did for 10 years. Don’t be like those fish in the lake that chases the shiny object until they finally bite and get eaten

PS: Don’t forget our Webinar tomorrow with our coach.


At 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time USA, register and log in here:

Then at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time USA, we will go here:

to have training with Coach K. and Brian Rooney, owner of TOAN,
one of our businesses under the Task Force Echo umbrella.

Progress this week:

GBS 87 Referrals and cleaning out downline, 3 new. 5 Pro
$0.00 from GBS this week
EveryoneCanEarnMatrix. Pos 1. 0.00 BTC. 4/6 members.
2 DollarWave. 4 Pro. $6.218
Pays4Ever account #1. Phase1 – Level 3. $8
Pays4Ever account #2. Phase1 – Level 3. $6
2X9BitMax account #1 Lvl 4. 0.0082 BTC
2X9BitMax account #2 Lvl 3. 0.0002 BTC
InfinityPush. Premium member. 4 active, 6 passive. $10.25
150CashMagic. Pos. 1, $3
AIOP 2 upgraded, 1 up, 4 free = 7 referrals
TheDownliner, 3 free referrals. Over 100 clicks/month to my text links
LAS. One in downline
TOAN. 2 referrals
845 Leads. More added manually from an old account.
New referrals in some side programs

Disclaimer: My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.


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