2019-03-27 Week At A Glance

This week at my home business.

I offer you this weekly training above. It’s mostly about the Power Leading System. If you are not a member or LeadLightning owner, the training is good for you as well.
This week I started to use a program called Viral Mail Profits.
Since mailing is the best way to almost get free leads.
I use traffic exchanges but the results from them are very depressing.
From two traffic exchanges co-ops with close to 20.000 hits every month.
I receive only two, three leads from those hits.
You understand why I try to focus on safelists and mailings instead.
Now you have a problem here as well. Which safelists is best?
The secret answer is tracking. And with Viral Mail Profits I got some astonishing answers. Watch the screenshot below, however, there are not plenty of mailings so far, but you get a fairly good hint where to find
the best safelists.
I hope you have visited my training page for more ideas about traffic.
Of interest for you would also be the funnel I use.
It’s very simple.

– One link to promote.
– Collect the leads. (Until I get Gold)
– Promote a second business with this system if you like.

You find the funnel explained HERE as well.

Keep it: SIMPLE