2019-04-12 Week At A Glance

This week at my home business.

I offer you this weekly training above. It’s mostly about the Power Leading System. If you are not a member or LeadLightning owner, the training is good for you as well.

This week surprised me.
The mailer PANGEA, which is considered to be a very good mailer among the owner’s other programs, showed to be a real disaster.

What do you say about a CTR of only 0.34%?
So this will be on my deleted list this week.
You see more safelists with a result of under 1.00%. These will also go, except those with an RF noted beside the names.

Those are within ReferralFrenzy so I keep them for the moment.
Actually, they don’t work in RF for the moment. Normally all run smoothly there with no need to bother. Just some clicks and your ad is on its way.

I’m trying a new traffic source. Or rather testing a source I have been a member for a while now but not tried it out for full.
It’s MyTrafficCoop. You can start for free if you like. If you manage to signup 20. you get one traffic share for free.

Below you find this week’s stats for those safelists that I run in Viral Mail Profits I will add more safelists underway. I find it very useful to track their performances.
Even more free training for you below from the people at
the Power Leading  System.

I hope you have visited my training page for more ideas about traffic.
Of interest to you would also be the funnel I use.
It’s very simple.
– One link to promote.
– Collect the leads. (Until I get Gold)
– Promote a second business with this system if you like.You find the funnel explained HERE as well.

Keep it: SIMPLE