A Case Study

A downline member will have help with the strategy since spending much more than flowing in. Not focused on our team which is so easy since you get overwhelmed by all ads you see and people trying to join you to the left and right.
Recommended deleting some accounts to save money. Member of TOAN but that is last at our Fast Track System. So back to basic and the right end of the ladder.

This is the initial mail to the member, corrections will be made during the journey.

Back to basic, don’t spend too much out of pocket:

Focus on:
– Building your list with the AR messages for GBS in your AIOP AR
– 2DollarWave, so you can earn money for the rest of your Fast Track System.
– AIOP so you get even as fast as possible here.


– The splashpage for your GBS AR messages. (In safelists)
– The team link for GBS. (In TE)
– The team link for 2DollarWave. (In TE)
– The team link for AIOP. (In TE)


– In ReferralFrenzy you get 500 credits every month. Use them for primary your team links.
– The RF safelist credits you use for your GBS list building.
– Create two rotators in EatMyClicks
– One for your team links
– One for your GBS splashpage
– Put them in your TEs so you will get 500 hits at least every week to your team links
– If you have left over credits use them to promote your splashpage rotator.
– Depending on TE power you adjust how much goes between these two rotators
– Add additional power by using your favorite TE to promote your splash rotator
– Promote your Fast Track System programs to your growing list


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