A Traffic Exchange Plus Bitcoin, What’s That?

There has been a lot off talk and discussion about Bitcoin lately and I tried this
week to read more about it and found it interesting. But still a bit “nerdy”
And to my surprice my Facebook friend Leigh Ann Little started a traffic exchange
with the Bitcoin theme. So guess who joined fast.

What is Bitcoin Blizzard Faucet Surf and how does it work?

You know there are places you can go and get free Bitcoin every day?
Sometimes every hour?

These places are called Bitcoin Faucets… you enter your Bitcoin address,
solve a Captcha, and they dispense micro payments of Bitcoins into your wallet.
And there are LOTS of them!

Now there’s a place where you can surf all the best Bitcoin Faucets, PLUS get
FREE ADVERTISING for your own Bitcoin website and Bitcoin earning program affiliate links.

Introducing…. Bitcoin Blizzard!

It  just launched, and it’s a revolutionary Ad Exchange where you can pick up free
Bitcoins all day while advertising your Bitcoin websites!  If you don’t have a Bitcoin
website to promote, you can just surf the Free Bitcoin Faucets and you can donate
your credits to charitable causes that accept Bitcoin!

It’s a win/win for surfers and advertisers alike!  And it’s a chance for you to start
banking some Bitcoin today!

See you there!

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