About our GBS and AIOP Team

Hi blog reader, this is what I mailed today to wake up my downline.
Mostly downlines tend to be silent since they are not used to work
in teams rather silent hiding in the bushes relying on themselves.
Which we in Team Force Echo find sad and unnecessary.

Hi member, hope all is well with you. This email goes out to my entire team members either in Great Bitcoin Strategies or AIOP.
You see I have some difficulties to get connected to some of you.

It’s so important since we want to work as a team. Have in mind our five team build. Those who are active get into my rotator. So you can be rewarded not only with your own effort but also from me or in some cases team promotion from AIOP if you participate in that.
With other words, we build our downlines deep, not wide.
Imagine the force of this!

Now an important tool to get connected is Skype.
If you have any problems with using it, this video may help you:

Our team motto for your success:
– Build your list
– Show up
– Communicate
– Get educated
– Stick around for at least twelve months
– Focus on your business, you can’t serve two masters (programs)

Have you seen my blog for some help?

Please get if you have any concerns or problem, I’m here for you to earn. If you earn, I earn.

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