I’m Mats Jacobson and been online since 2001 and doing
*slot machine and *butterfly marketing until this day.
But now it’s time to get professional at last.

Mats Jacobson
Collins Väg 55
236 33 Höllviken
Phone: +46 (0)72-333 75 38
Skype: mats_tenor

*What is this?

Slot machine and butterfly marketers is referred to people joining a opportunity and after some weeks or months leaving the business because they didn’t see any results. Going for the next one and so
they continue in an endless loop.
This is what 98% marketers online do, don’t focus or don’t have a plan to stick to.

2 thoughts on “About
  1. Hi there , You have so many programs I don’t know where to begin . I have a web site called http://www.melaleuca.com/ellenwilkie
    This is a direct market wholesale membership sales offer. So far I have been a slot machine marketer . In Feb . I will be starting the Elite blogging academy but that may take years to show a profit . So I am asking how to market this ? Thank you Ellen

  2. Hi Ellen. Since you are at my blog and I’m very involved in The Power Lead System
    that would be the obvious answer to your question. Since you can promote whatever you like in with the system.

    However the first task can be how to get traffic, PLS is only a tool on top of your business, although a very lucrative business it could be out
    of your budget in the beginning. But after many years with free traffic I’m very much into paid traffic. What we suggest in the PLS group and what Rob
    Fraser promotes is the MLMLeads company

    Social Media is of course also the first choice of the free alternatives. I see you have an interest of blogs.

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