Are you a silent marketer as well?

Now after watching Rob’s video below I have come to the conclusion that I’m a silent marketer. I have lists with hundreds of leads so why no response? So according to Rob, is marketing only to brag about your business. And put out your link catching as many leads as possible?

No, it’s about you as a person. If you have been online for a while you have heard about how important it is to brand you. Get people to know you, a picture, social media activity, a blog and so on. People buy from people they know and follow.

One more interesting point in Rob’s video is about how important it is to stay focused and continue even if it feels hopeless. What if he had quit early as he show us? He would be no one in the world of internet marketing.

So shall we promise each other to stop to be so silent, step out of the shadows instead of pestering people with our links and sitting on the fence asking. What’s wrong with my business? I better find another one at once.

On my list for this year. At last making a video?
Will you join me in The Life of Independence? I promise you hard work for a looong time.. 😉


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