Are you building your list or the owners?

Good question and problem which Jay Simcic pointed at in his last mail from Solochecker. Yes I have begun to buy hits from solo ads lately. It much more speedier to build my list in the Yellow Brick Road in that way. I’m really happy and impressed by YBR since the splash pages converts very well and it’s a system that can build any business you want. Now back to the subject whether you build your own list or you are listbuilding the program owners list. Here is his mail:

Hopefully by now you’ve checked out the marketplaces and have found some Solo Ads for your offer, but what next?

In a minute be covering one of the biggest mistakes I see Solo Ad Buyers making, but first, I want to ask you a question:

– Are you blindly buying traffic in the hope it will magically make you rich?

If you are, you need to STOP (right now) and read this next part VERY carefully.

I’ve seen hundreds of people make this mistake, and the majority have very little success. (it actually makes me angry to see people lose their hard earned money like this).

They go on a ‘traffic buying spree’ because they are told to do this from the people whose offer they are promoting.

Did you every stop to think… “If their offer converts so well, why don’t THEY just go any buy thousands or millions of clicks?”

One word. Risk.

They don’t want to risk their money.

They prefer YOU to risk YOUR money, and deliver them traffic… then, if that traffic converts into a sale, they give you a small percentage of the money they have already made.

In other words, all they do is sell you the promise of making great money, so you take the risk away from them, and when someone buys.. they reward you by giving you some of the revenue.

How can they lose?

Don’t get me wrong… you can make good money promoting other people’s offers, if you do it the right way.

Now for that BIG mistake I see people making..

‘Direct Linking’ to the offer they are promoting. (Sending their traffic straight to the offer)

If you are doing this, you need to step back and ask yourself why are you building someone else’s business? After all, they are getting the subscriber, and you are not.

That means you have NO control over the process, but, more importantly, it means that you can never make any more money from that subscriber you’ve just paid for!

It’s just plain crazy.. but I see people doing this day after day.

I’m going to be sharing exactly how you can fix this problem in my next email, so watch out for it.. it could be the difference between your success and failure.

Speak soon,

Jay Simcic

P.S. – Why do you think I am telling you all this? Simple.. I really want my buyers at solochecker to succeed with buying traffic, because I see so many people fail.”

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