Are you still in the same business in about six months?

One of the most challenging tasks online when dealing with MLM or other referral programs is to get people active. If you have been online for some time you recognize the problem with all those tire kickers who joins and do nothing. It take months and close to a year to evaluate a business and in most cases it’s not something wrong with the business. It’s rather you or me. In real life you have the same problem. You can’t start a grocery and after three weeks say. OK this shop doesn’t work, I have no customers so I start a new one. Crazy or? Yes, but it’s OK online for most people.

What you can say to a tire kicker is.
Get back to me in six months and we can compare our business.
How many have you joined?
How much have you earned?
How many have I joined?
NIL, zero!
How much have I earned?
Sure more than the tire kicker, and more important. How much money have we spend during that period.
I’m sure asking those questions to a tire kicker gets the person to question the persons strategy online and bad habit to join every new opportunity he/she gets across.

Take Care and focus folk
Mats Jacobson


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