2017-02-09 Progress This Week

I’m now focused on only these two businesses below due to short of time. So I start fresh from almost scratch. It’s always a slow start but I’m not complaining. I think 30 subscribers are a good start for me.
And most important. I don’t spend much money.
I’m working on my future income. Someone said a lead is worth about one dollar a month.

Two most important sentences from a TeListBuilder webinar
– How Can I help You?
– How Can I Add Value To People?

Don’t focus on getting subscribers and referrals. Have those two sentences in mind and the other will come.

TeListBuilder. Current Level 35
4 Referrals. Income: $0
15 Subscribers after one week.
No new referrals in traffic exchanges or safelists.
Most important tools:
ReferralFrenzy, sending to safelists and mailers
BuildaBizOnline, rotators and tracking
Priority traffic exchange, TrafficAdbar

Online Sales Pro. Income: $0
15 Subscribers

Disclaimer: My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same,
but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.


Todays Update at the Mjaco Blog

As you now may know, you most important mission online as a marketer is to build your list. If you don’t have so much money or time to spend, do at least this.
Build Your List!
This is what I’m doing now with TeListBuilder. A simple fun program to use for your list building. It’s a program mostly dedicated to traffic exchanges. But of course, you can use safelists as well.

So what traffic exchanges do I use? I say again if you are out of time and money I highly recommend TrafficAdbar.
If I’m busy a day I at least try to surf some pages at TrafficAdbar.
When you start with TrafficAdbar you can feel that you don’t get any results but you have to surf consistently to build up points to your pages.

To speed up my traffic exchange surfing I use a program called TEMBrowser. You have 10 slots to use for free. So put your favorite traffic exchanges in those 10 slots. Do I need to say that TrafficAdbar is one of them?

What is most important subscribers or referrals?

This was one of the questions on a webinar I watched yesterday at TeListBuilder. So, referrals to your business and earn money or build your list for future earnings? Watch the video for the answer. It may not be obvious at first glance. The start of the webinar is a bit “sleepy” in the beginning. Online marketers have strange working hours, but it will take speed later in the video so hold out.

By the way, TeListBuilder is a fun program to make traffic exchanges big again and build your list. The setup is very cleverly done with tasks to do before you can level up. There are plenty of instructional videos for help. I really love this program for its simplicity and straightforward look and appearance.
A must-have tool for your marketing toolbox for the important mission and goal to build your list. You have heard it before. Build your list. It’s still true.