About our GBS and AIOP Team

Hi blog reader, this is what I mailed today to wake up my downline.
Mostly downlines tend to be silent since they are not used to work
in teams rather silent hiding in the bushes relying on themselves.
Which we in Team Force Echo find sad and unnecessary.

Hi member, hope all is well with you. This email goes out to my entire team members either in Great Bitcoin Strategies or AIOP.
You see I have some difficulties to get connected to some of you.

It’s so important since we want to work as a team. Have in mind our five team build. Those who are active get into my rotator. So you can be rewarded not only with your own effort but also from me or in some cases team promotion from AIOP if you participate in that.
With other words, we build our downlines deep, not wide.
Imagine the force of this!

Now an important tool to get connected is Skype.
If you have any problems with using it, this video may help you:

Our team motto for your success:
– Build your list
– Show up
– Communicate
– Get educated
– Stick around for at least twelve months
– Focus on your business, you can’t serve two masters (programs)

Have you seen my blog for some help?

Please get if you have any concerns or problem, I’m here for you to earn. If you earn, I earn.

TFE Training 9/2/2017 Value Brings Commissions.

Hi Blog reader, did you miss the last training from our Coach?
You see it below.
You know. We have a free coach at Team Echo Force. You can try to find a free coach out there but we have him supporting us all in every of our programs.
If you find him harsh it’s right, he is. But this is a business, not a hobby. It’s serious business for me and you. That’s what he tries to hammer into our heads because it’s so important for your success.

Does this work in real life? Oooh…. I didn’t open my shop today until late because I had to watch some Youtube videos first.
Please wake up. It’s for YOUR best.

Our team motto for your success:
– Build your list
– Show up
– Communicate
– Get educated
– Stick around for at least twelve months
– Focus on your business, you can’t serve two masters (programs)

My favorite programs just now:
Infinity Traffic Boost. Doing great here.
YellowBrickMails. A safelist growing fast with nice OTO. If you get active I can even reward you.


2017-09-01 This Week at Great Bitcoin Strategies

This week’s little adjustment is when you once have 5 active referrals in GBS then you will set up your own rotator with them to get their 5 active members below them.
Join EatMyClicks to track your personal GBS link and as you get referrals you can make a rotator with combined links.
You find more of this in the Strategy Plan in the GBS back office.

One more thing you find in the back office downline builder is a new program. It’s the Infinity Traffic Boost. And to my surprise, I found out that I earned money or bitcoins from this for me almost forgotten program.
And I found out that it’s a very good program if you see beyond the somewhat complicated comp plan and other features. Don’t take me wrong, but at first glance, it can look overwhelming. What I love is the simplicity if you follow the plan below.

InfinityTrafficBoost Fast Track Plan

If I could show you a way to spend 3 minutes a day online, follow a few simple instructions and, within 21 days, you would earn 3.24 Bitcoin…
Would you be interested in learning more?

1) Begin with a purchase of BTC 0.0005 and 3 minutes a day.
2) Follow instructions and
3) Duplicate?

Join InfinityTrafficBoost Here


PS: Don’t forget our Webinar tomorrow with our coach.

Progress this week:

GBS 88 1 new. 5 Pro
$0.00 from GBS this week
EveryoneCanEarnMatrix. Pos 1. 0.00 BTC. 4/6 members.
2 DollarWave. 4 Pro. $6.312
Everyone Can Earn. 1 referral.
Pays4Ever account #1. Phase1 – Level 3. $8
Pays4Ever account #2. Phase1 – Level 3. $8
2X9BitMax account #1 Lvl 4. 0.0082 BTC
2X9BitMax account #2 Lvl 3. 0.0002 BTC
InfinityPush. Premium member. 4 active, 6 passive. $10.25
150CashMagic. Pos. 1, $3
AIOP 2 upgraded, 2 up, 5 free = 9 referrals
TheDownliner, 3 free referrals. Over 100 clicks/month to my text links
LAS. One in downline
TOAN. 2 referrals
InfinityTrafficBoost. 18 Referrals. Ƀ 0.02567995
847 Leads. In AIOP 33
New referrals in some side programs

Disclaimer: My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same,
but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.