Auto Bitcoin Builder Tested Again

Update 2017-03-11: STAY AWAY!

Since I have the BitMiner scam in mind and people curious. I decided to test Auto Bitcoin Builder which is my first program in the Bitcoin Broke Man’s Plan. It also play an important roll in the program Big Bitcoin Strategies.

So my initial investment of $1 is rescued. I will continue to withdraw a larger amount next time to stress test this program since it’s so essential that it works and no scam will be lurking in the dark corners of online marketing.

This last withdraw took five minutes from initiating and until arriving at my Coinbase account or wallet.

2 thoughts on “Auto Bitcoin Builder Tested Again
  1. i started using auto bitcoin builder just as above stated, and the withdrawl process was almost instant! but over the last 2 weeks, i try to request withdrawl and it just say it is pending. so basically I cant get any of my investment. OHH yea also there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! it does not exist!!!!!!!!! SITES BULLSHIT. BUYER BEWARE

  2. Auto bitcoin builder is a big scam out defrauding innocent people online. I invested well over $120 till date and was only able to withdraw just $1 for over 3months. Lets us work together and expose this scammer called autobicoinbuilder.

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