But if I don’t have the money?

E014266In SFI we often talk about duplication. Be an example for your downline. Create a Standing Order to maintain EA and so on.
My strategy is also to reassign members to those who maintain at least EA or higher. I also create a Co-op in SFI for my busy and active downline members.

But if I don’t have the money, how can I continue in SFI and make any money?

In SFI we have a place called ASK SC. A good place for knowledge and inspiration. And there was one member that pointed out this problem for us. Actually there is something so easy to forget for us that so often deals with MLM, downlines, members and you name it. That is.

TripleClicks – YOUR own shop with hundred thousands of items to sell worldwide around! Or why not buy stuff you otherwise buy at your local shops!
Pricebenders – Online Penny Auctions. A great product to promote. Penny auctions are very popular and people can get addicted to bid. Think of how many TCredits you can sell here.

These are actually real products, no fancy MLM or pyramid scheme here. But as said, so easy to forget that we shall have our focus at the SFI products.

So if you have the money:
– Support your downline building strong teams by giving them referrals using the reassignment tool, this is if you are BTL or higher. Otherwise, use a Co-op to support your active downliners. Of course, if BTL or higher you can use both.

If you don’t have the money:
– Focus on your SFI products to start selling and get referrals.
– When you have some money start the avalance with standing order, buying members, Co-ops and all whistles and bells you can find in our trade (SFI).

Sell, sell! Focus on our real products. Just don’t only build a downline.


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