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Easy Email Marketing Plus – Simple Steps To Internet Marketing Success

How are you? We are winding down to the end of this
short course. However, we still need to go over a few
things, so today we are going to jump right in and
talk about some simple steps you can take to help make
Internet marketing efforts pay off.

As we have been discussing, the internet holds many
opportunities in the way of promotion. Not least among
those is the ability to increase awareness and revenue
from the products and services you offer. When used
effectively it can give you access to a much larger
consumer base.

No doubt, you’ve noticed that everywhere you go online
you see advertisements in the search engine results,
on websites and even on social networks like Facebook.
These ads draw clicks, or visits, to other websites in
order to attract more customers. If you want to make
more sales, you need to learn how and where to

The first place to start is by doing your research.
Once you know the types of websites your target
audience likes to visit you can contact them directly
to see about advertising on their websites. You also
have the option of using services that will automate
the process for you.

One of the most popular forms of online advertising is
Pay-per-click. Facebook and Google Adwords are both
are excellent examples of this type of advertising.
You simple set up an account, create your ad copy then
they show it on targeted website and you only pay for
ads that are clicked on by consumers.

Tip: Be aware that even though they are very effective
they do have a big learning curve, so please make sure
you educate yourself before you start investing.

- Quality Content

You wouldn’t put up an ugly sign up in front of your
store and call it effective advertising any more than
you would run a newspaper ad that doesn’t have
anything to do with what you’re selling, right?

The same hold true with the content you post online,
whether website, blog or a social media site. Whenever
you are posting content online in order to promote
products and services you need to make sure that it is
closely related to what you’re selling.

Great content is the one of the best ways to draw in
customers, and let them know exactly what you have to
offer. It can be the difference between having people
look in your window and walking away, or getting them
to come in to buy.

On top of being important for boosting sales,
providing great content that incorporates the right
keywords and phrases will help boost your website
ranking on the major search engines like Google, Bing
and MSN, which can lead to more visitors and more

- Social Networking

You probably already use it for your personal needs,
but why not use Facebook, Twitter and other social
networks for your business as well. This will get
friends involved with marketing your business
marketing. Using social networks well can help you
build brand awareness alongside a solid fan base.

Social media marketing is all about building
connections with your audience so that they can see
you are authentic and there to help. In the end, you
will gain their trust and loyalty.

I hope today's lesson was helpful to you. Don't forget
to keep an eye out for my next post. There will be
some great stuff in your last lesson.

Easy Email Marketing Plus – Common Pitfalls

It’s me again, with your third lesson in the
Internet Marketing Know How Crash Course. In today’s
lesson, we are going to go some of the common pitfalls
many people make when they start using Internet

More and more people are turning to internet everyday
looking for ways to promote their business, products
and services. When it comes to taking full advantage
of the different promotional opportunities the
Internet has to offer there are many avenues to

Whether it’s advertising with pay-per-click, selling
on eBay, content marketing or using social media, they
all have a learning curve and as you learn the ropes
you are bound to make a few mistakes.

In fact, many of these mistakes are so common that
almost every Internet marketer has makes them at one
point. Luckily, you’re reading this and you can learn
how to avoid them by learning from those who came
before you. These costly mistakes include:

- Not taking it seriously

Many people treat internet marketing as a sideline
rather than viable marketing method.

They come in with the intention of testing the waters
rather than looking at it as a long-term strategy.

You should ensure you are taking everything you do
seriously. Spend some time doing your work. If you
treat it as a sideline, there is a good chance you
will fail. It takes time, dedication and devotion to
run a successful Internet marketing campaign. The one
person who can make your business succeed is you.

- Unrealistic goals

Many people tend to have unrealistic goals when they
first start using the Internet as a marketing
strategy. They hear the stories of instant riches and
develop a crazy belief that all they have to do is set
up a website, run a few ads and they will make tons of
cash overnight. When this doesn’t happen they lose
motivation and give up before the see any return on
their investment.

It’s easy enough to avoid this pitfall by keep
yourself focused on your main objective and setting
realistic goals. It is very easy to get overwhelmed
when you are just starting out.

- Know your limits.

Keep in mind that there is no way for a single person
to do everything that has to be done in order to be
successful. For instance, if you’re not a great
writer, hire someone else to write content for your
blog. If you don’t know much about graphic design you
can usually get work done for a few dollars on site

By delegating, some of the responsibility you will be
able to focus on the things you are good at, which
will end up helping you get more done in the long run.
You will also see much better results and avoid
getting frustrated on the path to achieving your

- Not seeking a mentor

Internet marketing requires a certain learning curve.
To be effective you have to become familiar with a
variety of techniques that all work together to create
a profitable campaign. In the beginning, you’ll have
to learn how to do market research, target your
audience, website management, content creation,
traffic methods, email marketing and any other thing
that can help you run your campaign effectively.

To help shave years off your learning cure you may
want to work with a mentor. They will be able to share
their knowledge with you, which will help you reach
your goals much faster than struggling to try to learn
everything on your own.

That's it for today's lesson. In your next lesson, we
will be talking about some simple steps you can take
to help make Internet marketing efforts pay off.
Until then,

Easy Email Marketing Plus – Turn an un-subscriber back into a subscriber

In this lesson, we are going to talk about how to turn
an un-subscriber back into a subscriber.

Occasionally you’ll have someone unsubscribe from your
email list. In reality, you want to get some
unsubscribers because that means your list is super
focused and it might not be right for that particular
person. However, the unsubscribe process is also
another opportunity to refocus that person and better
target your audience.

- Follow the Law

By law you must offer an easy to use unsubscribe
button. Don’t force them to re-enter their email
addresses to unsubscribe. Just give them the button,
and let them go without doing so grudgingly. However,
you can remind them of why they joined your list at
the same time by sending them to a special offer sales
page when they click unsubscribe.

- Keep It Simple

Don’t make it tricky to unsubscribe. Prepopulate the
unsubscribe buttons but also offer the alternatives to
the reader to choose different lists or information
they may want that might be more accurate for them.

- Ask them why they’re leaving

Using the unsubscribe page as a way to find out why
they want to unsubscribe can help you better focus
your email messages and opt-in offers in the future.
In addition, it can give the person unsubscribing new
insight into what you offer your lists and they may
change their mind.

- Offer Alternatives

On the unsubscribe page, don’t make them jump through
hoops but do offer them some options such as lower
frequency of email (such as a monthly option) and/or
different newsletters they can sign up for, or other
offers that you have that they may not know about.

- Take it in stride

It’s really not personal. If you can take the
unsubscribe for what it is, a simple request not to
get more email from the list they’ve subscribed to and
not a personal attack on you, then you’ll be able to
handle the unsubs better. Honestly, a clean list is
better than a list full of inactive users, so some
people are doing you a favor by unsubscribing.

- Send High Quality Information

Stop unsubscribes before they start by providing high
quality information that is very targeted toward your
audience from the start. When someone subscribes to
your list, let them know what to expect up front, then
be sure to deliver what you promised.

- Send a Free Parting Gift

When someone unsubs from your list, your autoresponder
email will send them an unsubscribe confirmation email
which is your chance to say goodbye. Within that, you
can offer them a parting gift, which will then put
them on a different list that might be more
appropriate for them.

- Ask Them to Reconsider

On the unsubscribe page you can also simply ask them
straight out to reconsider unsubscribing. Offer them a
gift if they stick around a little longer such as one
more week or a month. Some people are only
unsubscribing because they forgot why they signed up
for your list. This is a chance to remind them.

You have to tread lightly when it comes to
unsubscribing because you don’t want to make it
difficult or make them jump through hoops to get off
your list. However, you do want to ensure that you
remind them why they signed up for your list. Make it
clear that you’re sorry they’re leaving, and finally
ask them for another chance at pleasing them.

In Your next lesson we will provide you with simple 
tips and techniques that will help you to use Internet
marketing to your advantage.

Easy Email Marketing Plus – Email Message Content

How are you? We are winding down to the end of this
portion of the ecourse. However, we still need to go 
over a few things so that you can get the best results 
possible from every email you send.

Today we are going to jump right in and talk about
what type of content to include in your email

Knowing what to put in your email message is just as
important as creating one. They say that the money is
in the list, but if you don’t send out regular
messages you’ll miss out on the additional income that
an email campaign can generate. It’s important not to
over think each message that you send. Keep them
simple, not too long, and always point the reader to
something else such as something to buy, share or do.

- Tips and Tricks

It’s great to include a list of tips and tricks for
your readers in your email messages. If you send out a
daily newsletter, you could make once a week a list of
ten tips or tricks to use that involves putting your
services or products to their best use.

- Special Offers

You don’t have to send out a special offer in every
message but if once a month or so you offer your
subscribers an deal that no one else is getting just
for being a subscriber, you’ll make them feel special.
People love the feeling of membership and exclusivity.

- Engagement Opportunities

Give your subscribers an inside way to meet up with
you, either through live meet-ups or online webinars.
Having one webinar, a quarter or more often is a great
way to engage your newsletter subscribers. Google
Hangouts is a great way to accomplish this. You can
even offer Q&A’s.

- Early Bird Notices

Tell your list subscribers about new products before
you announce them to the world. Giving them a few days
to purchase at a discounted “early bird” rate is a
great thing to include in your email newsletters.

- Feedback Questions

Using your email content as a way to get feedback on
potential new products or services is a great way to
encourage engagement. You can do it via questionnaire
or poll.

- Testimonials

Including a section for customer testimonials is a
great way to recognize your clients as well as to
provide social proof to your subscribers who have not
purchased from you yet.

- Share Buttons

Inviting your email subscribers to share certain
content that doesn’t have exclusive material is a
great way to improve your subscription rate, and it
will make your readers feel included in your

- Legal Notifications

Every newsletter needs to include all legal
notifications relevant to anti-spam laws. If you go
with the most stringent laws, you’ll be sure to cover
all your bases.

- Opt-Out Information

While this could be covered under legal notifications,
it’s important that you include opt-out information
that is easy to find in every single message that you
send. Don’t be worried about subscribers
unsubscribing. It’s better to have a clean list of
people who want to be there rather than a list full of
people who resent getting your information.

Most of all be sure that you include a content in your
email messages that is designed to get a response. One
way to do that is with a compelling call to action
(CTA) at the end of your message. Remember, without a
CTA your readers won’t know what they are supposed to
do next! Follow these simple tips and you won’t be
disappointed with the results.

I hope today's lesson was helpful to you. Don't forget
to keep an eye out for my next post. "how to turn an
un-subscriber back into a subscriber"

Easy Email Marketing Plus – Increasing Conversions

It’s time for your second lesson in the Easy Email
Marketing Crash Course. I hope you

found lesson one informative. In this lesson, we are
going to talk about increasing conversions by keeping
your email messages short and simple.

As we discussed in your last lesson email marketing is
a very effective way to market products and services
to an engaged audience. However, it can be easy to
confuse your readers to the point that they don’t take
action. If you want to improve conversions, here are a
few thing you can do.

- Know Your Audience

The best thing you can do for your business is to
understand your audience backwards and forwards. The
more you know about who you’re crafting the emails
for, the better you can word your messages to get the
response you want.

- Subject Lines That Create Curiosity

Your first line of defense is the subject line of your
email. If your subject line doesn’t make the reader
curious enough to open the email to read the rest,
nothing else matters.

- Attention-Grabbing Headlines

When someone opens an email, the headline is the first
thing they will see after the subject line that
enticed them to open the email in the first place. If
this doesn’t grab their attention, they probably won’t
continue reading.

- Bulleted Information

Inside the email message, be sure to make the
information easy to absorb. One way to do this is to
use bulleted information and lists. People read online
differently than they read a book. They read
vertically instead of horizontally; therefore, make
the information match where the eye goes.

- One Focus

Instead of giving too much information and many
options for purchasing something, make your email
focused on one item and one offer. You can always
upsell and cross-sell at the point of checkout but for
the purposes of the email, make the focus on one thing

- Limit Links

Don’t overwhelm your audience with ten links to
different items in your emails. Instead, provide one
or two links for the focused information that you want
to get across to your audience. This gives eliminates
confusion and helps them know how exactly how to take

- Call to Action

If you can identify the one thing you want your
audience to do after reading your email then it will
be easier for you to design the subject line, headline
and email to match.

- Short and Simple

Super long emails don’t translate well because most
people just want to know what the point is and move on
from the email. Take out unnecessary words and get
straight to the point. This will help your readers
take action faster.

Keeping your email messages tightly focused doesn’t
mean you can’t promote more than one product or
service. However, focusing each message on one
promotion will provide you with better overall
results, because it helps eliminate reader confusion,
which definitely helps increase conversions.

That's it for today's lesson. In your next lesson, we
will be talking about how to optimize your squeeze
pages for better conversions and more traffic.