New BitCoin Traffic Exchange – Highest Recommendation

I just found out that Frank Bauer and
Clinton Clark have just launched an incredible
New BitCoin Traffic Exchange and Revenue Share
that is, truly, completely legal and logically sustainable.

Better yet, they have one of THE Most Unique Compensation
Plans I’ve ever seen.

We are on the ground floor and can Full Advantage of our
First Movers Position.

The features and benefits within this new Traffic Exchange,
InfinityTrafficBoost (“ITB”), are nearly endless.  I am just
SO Impressed with the incredible thought and strategy that
was put into this incredible system.

There are price points for EVERYone from the small buyer to
the Big Purchaser, which means that your audience is TRULY
Massive. Then because ITB is a BitCoin Traffic Exchange,
anyone anywhere in the world with a computer/mobile device
and a BitCoin Wallet can participate.  But with price points
as low as 0.002 BTC ($2.43) the ENTIRE World is our audience.

Finally, the industry has a Truly Worldwide Market and
Audience, not longer shackled by the rules and restrictions
of PayPal and other payment processors.

Now, or bigger players and those that like Instant
Gratification, the 2 BitCoin Top end purchase point,
INSTANT Commission payments and Commission rates of 30% to
80% will be REALLY appealing.

If you are interested in, and/or have an audience that likes
to SURF to Earn and then upgrade, then ITB is perfect, too.
Members are able to surf and earn daily in the Surfers
Rewards Pool which is paid every 2 weeks, also in BitCoin.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with details but the comp plan
rocks, too!  I have never, ever seen anything this well
thought out and fair to the members.  The amount of money
that Frank and Clint are giving back to the members in the
form of commissions and revenue share truly show they have
built a program for the LONG Term.

A quick summary of the compensation plan shows that everyone
earns 30% – 80% on direct referrals, based on your purchase
level AND a simple surfing requirement that is easy to meet.

But the real comp plan power comes in the “Up” System AND
the fact that you can earn boosted commissions on one
purchase level above your purchase level and ALL lower
priced levels purchased by your directs and “up” Team.

The “Up” System and Repurchase incentive provides Massive
leverage and recurring income potential.  I don’t want to go
into the nitty gritty details here but I would encourage you
to join NOW, check out the details and purchase to the level
that you can afford for your business.

Once you read the comp plan in full, and understand the
massive leverage, power and world wide appeal you will
absolutely WANT to tell your entire network and FAST.

It’s been a pleasure to bring this fantastic, long term
advertising/income opportunity to you and I encourage you to
contact me with questions.

Thanks and hope to “see you on the inside”!

Did You Know That They Are Giving $13.00 Sign Up Bonus?

Did you know that Actual Hits 4U traffic exchange is giving away the following?

  1. $13.00 Cash Bonus.
  2. 1,000 Credits Bonus.
  3. 1,000 Banner Impressions.
  4. 1,000 Text Ad Impressions.

All of the above bonuses will be added automatically into your account after you completed surfing at least 100 websites in rotations.

Congratulations! You got the credits you need for whatever online business you may have at the same time you get paid when you refer Actual Hits 4U and you will also earn cash and credits when you surf with them.

They have members regularly receive commission from us. The good news is everyone needs credits and they find the system to more attractive.

What are you waiting for…..? If you don’t have yet your account with Actual Hits 4U then you may grab your FREE account below and have your bonus added to you account.

Good luck and enjoy your bonuses that will surely help you grow for whatever business online you may have.

The New Midas Touch Hits Traffic Exchange and Thousands of Hits.

It’s a brand new Traffic Exchange that just launched with a
cool look and all the features we’ve come to love and it’s
free to join!!

Take a look here:

MidasTouchHits – King Midas Will Turn Your Traffic To Gold!

And I already got thousand of credits, banners and text impressions from these places:

As I have said earlier, I’m into Lifetime Memberships in many traffic exchanges and Safelists. I don’t need to bother more about monthly fees anymore. If you want to learn more about how and when to upgrade, I recommend the Triple A Plan.
Its HERE for downloading.