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2019-04-19 Week At A Glance

This week at my home business.

I offer you this weekly training above. It’s mostly about the Power Leading System. If you are not a member or LeadLightning owner, the training is good for you as well.

This week I continued to rinse and clean my list of safelists and mailers, you see the table below. People always find tracking a bit tricky, me inclusive. But it’s very important to do so not to waste time and money.
I find it’s very easy to do in Viral Mail Profits and to figure out the performance.

MyTrafficCoop which I tried out last week wasn’t a big hit. Now I say, not a big hit for me. You may get another result by using different ads and honest. Test it for a longer period of time.

This week I created a page about crypto. Yes, I know. A pure minefield. It’s so easy to get scammed and totally lost. But in my opinion, we can’t avoid cryptocurrency entirely. Whatever if we like it or not, it’s here to stay. Better to try to conquer it by being a bit educated. I have tried to do so. And the best part is, it’s free and nothing to buy.
Have a look at my page Fun With Crypto.

Now over to this week’s stats regarding my safelist. By the way. I get great conversions at Viral Mail Profits. The CTR is only around 1.50% but people are signing up to the left and right.

Even more free training for you below from the people at
the Power Leading  System.

I hope you have visited my training page for more ideas about traffic.
Of interest to you would also be the funnel I use.
It’s very simple.
– One link to promote.
– Collect the leads. (Until I get Gold)
– Promote a second business with this system if you like. You find the funnel explained HERE as well.

Keep it: SIMPLE