Coach K is after us again, hide.

You are lucky if you are not a member at Great Bitcoin Strategies and even more lucky if you don’t use Skype. Now he is hunting us down again our former drill sergeant.
Take cover, incoming!

OK, enough fun. The good thing is. May I explain for you?
He is always honest and sometimes it can be hard to hear the truth and come to your conclusion you are doing all things wrong and he is right in his criticism.

Here are some good extract from Skype:

Everyone should be using our advertising resources in Echo Traffic Club and the list of emails Dave sends for AIOP if you are apart.

The subject of resources to promote keeps coming up. Which I have no idea why because between Echo Traffic Club…Dave safelist list and The Triple A Plan list of websites.
Everyone has plenty to use until you can afford to join Referral Frenzy

If you can’t promote to recruit over 300 ppl with those resources. I will be a monkeys uncle.

How many team mates upgraded into Pays4Ever on your team so far this week?
(Yes by the way, have you upgraded here yet? Why not? Look in the downline builder)

Member X has the best team start with 8 active out of 25 ppl. If X 8 team mates promotes the rotator link 5 days a week. How long will it take X team to hit over 300 team mates in his organization?
(OK, how are we doing here with our 5 team rotator?)

Then I have to ask are your team using all the resources in the GBS DLB?

There is no way a team of 8 can promote one GBS rotator and receive zero sign ups using Echo Traffic Club. I need ti have a chat with you and your team in one setting.

You have a team room….how you leading your team or organization without a season veteran of this team to answer questions you may not know?
This is for everyone here
I ask you questions I already know the answer too.
I am just trying to see if you are going to be honest with yourself.
Think about that.

This is the average online marketer life. You know how to make some money promoting alone. Short live stays at programs. Joining team of team of team. Where is the stability in your business? And what is your strategy to teach other ppl hos to make money like you do? Finally: How do you keep a team together ir to continue following you without a stable “online home”?
I think about this everyday.
Then I share solutions when I can spend time chatting.
I want to feed your knowledge outside the written plan. But you got to achieve some basics before moving to the next level.
Rant Over. (Puhh)

And now you may understand why we want you to use Skype. It’s crucial for your success to have the ability to interact with me as your teamleader, fellow members and not at least our Coach K and the program owners.


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