Commando Surf Rundown

Every day of the week features a different exchange, which means each day is a chance to stock up on high-converting traffic and get all the exposure your sites need!

Monday: Cruise over to Dragon Surf and earn yourself an extra 35% with Commando Surf

Tuesday: Make sure to stop by Tezak Traffic Power for their day of 35% Commando Surf!

Wednesday: Get your flippers wet at Traffic-Splash , and take advantage of 35% Commando Surf all day long!

Thursday: Speed over to Fast Easy Traffic and get your extra 35% Commando Surf bonus!

Friday: Chase the blues away at Blue-Surf with a 35% Commando Surf bonus!

Saturday and Sunday: Every weekend is different and equally awesome…just wait and see! This Sunday is Give it Your All, which means all of the exchanges listed above will be giving away a whopping 100% Commando Surf Bonus!

So don’t miss out on all the excitement and extra traffic this week!

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