Discussion about target URL’s when promoting

Question to the Affiliate Funnel Support with a topic I have struggle with for some time now :

When I promote AF in mails, what is the best target URL to use?
The main page: http://myfunnels.com/f/4190/mytag
Direct the viewer to take action, join AF.

The Moneypage: http://www.affiliatefunnel.com/ymp/mjaco
A smorgasboard from the advertiser but presents to many choices
and the viewer gets confused?

The Squeezepage: http://www.affiliatefunnel.com/givesqueeze1pic.php?referer=mjaco
No action to join AF other than provide their mail address which is valuable for coming promotion to the client.

Same problem with banners.
What kind of URL is best to put there.
The generic page or the squeezepage?

I’m tempted for the squeezepage in both cases, but is the viewer confused?
They expect a direct action but have to fill in their mail.

Can’t make a proper decision what to choose.


If you’re going for them to sign up for YOUR list, then stick with the squeeze page and emphasize the training and residual commissions available at AF and the traffic sources (TEs, safelists, and resources)

For banners, I usually use the referral URL because it provides more information about the program itself  – banners are more like splash pages that get them to click. I guess you could use a squeeze page there if you wanted to. I think the progression from clicking the banner to clicking to join is simpler and easier for them then clicking the banner to entering their info on a squeeze page.

They’ve already shown interest by clicking the banner. asking them to add their info to a squeeze page doesn’t really give them an opportunity to learn more about AF before asking for more information from them
That’s my “2 cents”.

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