Do You Know Your Business?

It’s many business and services I have joined during the years.And checking my Excel sheet I see it’s huge with many old URL’s
You see I have all my URL’s in an Excel sheet or sheets to have
everything handy and sometimes even the passwords.

Looking at all these URL’s the other day something stroke my mind.
Compare with all your manuals for all your techy stuff at home.
Have you read them all? Do you understand every aspect of your
latest gadget? No, guess not.

So next thought for me was, how much of all those programs do I
conquer about pay plans, find certain links and so on?
I don’t need to reveal my answer, but further on I have to read more
about the program I promote for the moment.
You see, you need to be available for your downline and give them
all support they need. And how can you stand up for the program
your advertise when you don’t know it?
Now days it’s so important with branding and give to people rather
than take (their money). So, log in, read and learn!

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