Do You Need a Nanny For Your Business?

Reading my Skype groups makes me a bit depressing. Many people complaining and whine about their unsuccessful business.
And the most depressing is. It’s not their fault, it’s the business owner, the referrals, the moon phase, the weather, whatever.

It’s your business, it’s your responsibility!

Below are two extracts from Skype:

The Admin of BTCInvestments.
“Here is what is going to happen when we receive these messages they are going to be ignored. Totally and fully ignored.
YOU ARE ADULTS! THIS IS A BUSINESS! IF YOU CAN NOT TAKE CARE OF AND RUN YOUR BUSINESS THEN THAT IS YOUR FAULT NOT OURS. We will not hold the rest of the upgrades up for extending time to someone that I can look in the back office and see has received their payments and yes I am an admin of BTCI so I do have the capability to check to see.”

The Coach at Great Bitcoin Strategies.
“Ok, I am getting very tired of hearing about not having referrals. You know why you don’t have referrals? You are doing your own damn thing.
I see what you promote on your FB page or in safelist and TE.
The ppl I see promoting what’s in the plan are getting results
Using the resources in GBS
ECHO Traffic Club for example
Nothing but core programs.
But yet you choose to use what you feel “safe” with
Nothing grows in a comfort zone
Look up the meaning if insanity.
It don’t say GBS
When I joined the Army and went through basic training. It was for a reason.
The drill Sgt told me to pull my head out my rare and get in line. Your momma ain’t here to breast feed you.
I say that to shed light on this.
The plan is written for a reason
We took away most of the guesswork and gave you a cheat sheet
I can’t come to your house and make you follow directions and promote for you.
Let’s put our big boy/girl pants on and get to work.”

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