Do you take action?

I got over this video from Richard Weberg owner of LeasedAdSpace. And as Rob Fraser, he was frustrated over why people join a business and don’t take any action.

In this video he rants more about and show us how to use all the features in LeasedAdSpace to get you traffic to your business. This is often the first priority when people have an online business. “I want traffic to my business”!
Very true and Rob also use a kind of brutal force to build his business with an endless flow of traffic. But in life there is always a but. You have to convert all that traffic to people who take action. How do we this?

We take action! Yes good Mats, I heard that already.
By building trust. Show that you are a real person. Use a blog as this. Be active on social media. Make a video. Yes I know reader. I haven’t done this yet. To get out of our comfort zone is something we all have to overcome and struggle with. Now watch the video below. He is rather upset and frustrated about our laziness.


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