Echo Traffic Club, The Plan


This is an extract of Coach Kris plan for us during 2018.
I have tried to boil it down to reflect what we are going to do and how to do it in Echo Traffic Club to succeed.

In order to kick off some basics in helping you to earn online and to start building a Team. I am going to truly dial back the clock to the near beginning of Task Force Echo when we kicked things off in 2016.

Today I want to re-introduce everyone back into Pays4Ever. Please pay attention to my email directions. If you fail to follow my directions. I will ignore your email.

To Learn more about Pays4Ever go here:

However, DO NOT JOIN from the links at this page….Keep downline integrity by going into your Echo Traffic Club Back Office and join your Sponsor.

This is how we keep everyone with their sponsor who is going to commit to helping you build your online business. I will provide the guidance to help you build your income step by step.

Pays4Ever is a member to member program which you can join for only $2.00 using Payza. If you need to use Paypal then contact your sponsor to arrange a private exchange. Please do not put any notes when sending Paypal funds.

Pays4Ever is going to be our buffer to help you initially build a team and earn some passive income. From Pays4Ever we are going to invest another $2.50 to join Cash Wave.

Cash Wave is another buffer and passive income producer that will help us to earn and build a team while we focus on our pilot program building our list and income.

Which brings us to All In One Profits where I would like to help EVERYONE reading this accomplish in joining and afford to keep up with the payments.
Over the next 90 days, my plan is to help as many of you as I can earn 4 Paid Referrals into Pays4Ever and they will follow you into Cash Wave and All In One Profits.

Then at All In One Profits we will focus on helping you extend your income to join more passive income earners such as Leased Ad Space and 1ProfitRing. However, let us work on the basics while moving forward step by step in building our income and online organization.

These are the programs we are going to begin with to help us do 2 things. Establish a team and start earning commissions into your online business.

Then we will start working on all the other programs within Echo Traffic Club. Some of you will be working within Great Bitcoin Strategies. So the same strategy will apply.

We all will work together using a tracking link from Coach Kris Ellis and the link you are issued will not change throughout the course of your team promotion and hit counts.

What I am saying is when you transition in earning into Pays4Ever and cycle through the whole program to graduate into Cash Wave. You will continue to promote to help your team until you are able to earn enough to join All In One Profits.

When you have joined All In One Profits then you will start using your own Lead Capture Pages for your team to build leads and continue to help your team and income grow.

Those of you new on the All In One Profit Team. I want you to take a look at this tutorial.

Use the Tutorial to set up your Email Campaign within All In One Profits. Once you have completed that task. Contact me via skype at mrinfinity72 for a one on one to help you finish editing your email campaign. I have some specific instructions to share with each and everyone of you.

Those of you still working to earn enough to join us at All In One Profits to start building your own list, earn more income and build your own brand as an extension of Task Force Echo.

Keep pushing forward and work with us to help you gain momentum into your business.

If you have any questions and will like a NEW Team Promotion Link to start promoting with Task Force Echo.

Create a new email. Put in the subject: “Team Echo 2018 Project”

Then I will email you a new welcome letter and Team Link. Then we get to work on your income.

I want to micromanage your success to a certain level until your sponsor or Team Leader is ready to take the wheel from my hands to help you continue to grow, earn and build your online business.