Elite Marketers Club

EMC strategy boiled down to points.

We are now starting EMC Phase 1

Our Commitment:

  • Read a section of The Triple A Plan every day
  • Promote Only One Link. (MJ: Guess we still promote our team links?)
  • Those of you who are working or have a team of 5. You will train them as I am training you.
  • Stay here in this platform weekly
  • No Slacking
  • Obey and follow Coach’s rules
  • Join Elite Marketers Club, upgrade if you can afford
  • Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYht130V3Crz9mHHPj5x4RQ
  • Our first goal is to attain 100 Referrals within GBS..…
  • I want everyone to start over from Mission 1 and report to the FB Group as you complete each Mission.
  • We are all looking to work with 5 people to help them build a team.
  • First, you will advertise your personal GBS link using Eat My Clicks tracking
  • I each of you to click Neobux and Bitcofarm daily to help prepare you for some initial upgrades
  • Once you have earned your first $25.00 into your Payza account. Then contact me personally for your next task.
  • Read my blog: http://www.taskforceecho.info/