Ensure your ads catch the eye of potential customers.

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TextAd Copy Writing Template our approach on how to
write text ad copy so closely that it could literally
be a template for how you write ads to publicy:

Headline = Attract Attention (Be Relevant!) The reason
headline relevancy is so vital is that our potential
visitor reads (nay, scans) the headline before
deciding whether or not to consider the rest of the ad

She clicked because our ad looked like an answer to
her problem. We got her attention by being exactly
what she was looking for.

Description Line 1 = Generate Interest (Be Useful!)
Interest is generated when a reader understands what
is being offered and how he/she can directly use and
benefit from it.

Descriptions should be specific, relevant and
explicitly useful for the user

Description Line 2 = Ask for the Click (Show the
Value!) ads with an ask consistently outperform ads
without an ask

Whether the ad contains an explicit or implicit ask,
if it focuses on the customer's needs and tells him
what she'll get by clicking, it will beat an ad that
ignores her needs and leaves her confused.