Focus and Then Slam It! What?

It’s always interesting to watch and hear Rob’s hangouts. He is a bit special, rather straight forward in his approach to people and things in life. Not everyone likes this, I guess it’s his heritage from the Marines. But with all that crap out there I understand his frustration when people always join a new shiny object every second week.

But, watch the video. It’s very much about how to stay focused. Only work one funnel at a time in the beginning until get momentum. Slam your funnel with traffic. Disregard the BS about branding first. Yes he has a point. Why waste money and hits branding? Better to build your business and list and when you have get the snowball rolling you by automation got the branding and authority to build your name on.

Watch the video below and you will see Rob on full speed rather upset and banning a watcher.


PS: Got 42 Leads yesterday. This system works folks.

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