Fun business to run along your main one.

Sometimes it’s fun to do other stuff besides your main business. And in some cases you can find a gem which helps to promote your main business. These side business is what Coach Kris calls hobbies. A business that have a very low income and even make you spend money before earning them. In some cases they even can inflict your main business by spending money and loose your focus. So use them with caution.

There are thousands of faucets out there. This one I click every hour to get som Bitcoin. And I have some spare Bitcoin there which gives me 4.08% annual interest. I have already earned 0.00000070 BTC on my 0.00072759 BTC after nine days.
Not big money but can add up fast. I have two displays so it’s easy to find out when to click the faucets.

Other faucets I use are:

Why on earth different crypto coins? It’s more a random choice, faucets I find easy to use without spending too much time and effort. Those other coins are also a feeder to a miner with the name Eobot.
No big money but fun to see the coin growing.
What I’m doing is investing those coins in mining power, plus a daily faucet at Eobot.

At the main page you can decide what you will mine (upper left menu, Mining).
So before doing the faucet I choose Cloud Mining.
When done I choose a coin to mine at the same menu.
That’s it. Paying? Good question.

And talking about mining crypto coin I let my computer do this using the computer spare resources.
A program by the name Computta. It sits in the background doing the work.
They payout when I reach 10 mBTC. I have now 3.888 mBTC ($25).
But will they pay out?


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