Happy Birthday Mats!

To my team in a mail today:

Hi team members.

It’s my birthday today! If you want to give me a gift I have a simple one for you.
Take action in Great Bitcoin Strategies and make yourself a favor. It’s very simple, just follow the
plan which you find on the menu which is “The Plan Strategy”.

If you start from scratch with no funds at all it will take time. But do know what?
This is a marathon, not a race. To build an online business take time at least
one year. And it’s sad that many don’t understand this, but quit for the next shiny
object out there.

And after a year they came back here and Great Bitcoin Strategies is still here.
But they are on their 24th. How much haven’t they lost?

Don’t be a butterfly marketer flying from flower to flower, enlightening my birthday
by taking action.

Best wishes and take care.
Mats Jacobson

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