Happy Thanksgiving from Traffic-Splash and me.

Happy Thanksgiving from Traffic-Splash and me!! This is the mail I got from Paul Kinder and I can’t wait to hunt that turkey down.

“I know you’re probably smelling all the delicious aromas coming from the kitchen, and you’re thinking about all the yummy foods you’re going to eat…

But we’ve got something to help you get through those hours of waiting until everything is ready and it’s time to stuff your face!

Pass Me the Turkey!

This is going to be a great Thanksgiving!! Our Turkey Hunt is an Epic Success…We sure hope you’ve been taking full advantage of it! You can still put a few more Turkeys to your collection today, and add some more cash to your pocket when you do!

 Turkeys have been sighted at:

Keep your eyes peeled while you’re surfing ’cause you never know what you’ll win!

Win by finding turkeys or referring someone who finds a turkey.
It works for existing members too! IF you refer a an existing member to surf, and they find a turkey you win the same prize they won! How AWESOME is that!?
This is event is sponsored by TE Command Post, which means you can instantly re-brand the link below with your TE Command Post username! Check it out!”