How do we change our mindset as old marketers?

Coach answers a request for more guidance

Now I will make time to write a Team Leaders training manual for those of you who need instructions on how to lead a team. I understand we are not all natural leaders and on this platform it can become overwhelming.
But MOST of you have yet to learn how to follow first…You still doing your OWN THING…I can see it in your business. and I know when you have started to fully commit. It shows in your business and your team.

Could it be like this? We as marketers not new, always have been neglected by the program owners and thereby forced to do our own stuff. Invent the wheel over and over again using the same old BS.

– OK, pay your fee, here’s your link to promote.
– How may I ask?
– Yeah, you know traffic exchanges, safelists, by they way I can offer you an E-book about this for $$$$.

Do you recognize this as a marketer?
How do we find the reset button for our twisted mindset?
I only see one way and that’s what Coach is doing.
Kicking our …..
By the time if we hold out and are confident and trust Coach we can get there but this is certainly a hard journey as it is to earn money online.

Spot on Mats.. one of the hardest things to do is change the course of your mind on a journey that has been programmed over and over again. Now is the time to stop listening to the gps and start listening to what is true and straight. I hate the gps as much as i despise those get rich quick gurus and their make money my way which never works… it’s like following the gps.. it WILL get you lost…. or at least long way around…. that is why i am glad i am here.

Coach directs us straight and. Coach directs us straight and narrow to our destination.
No bypasses or detours.
No buy this expensive program and learn..
He just straight up tells us like it is, whether we like the answer or not.. and THAT sincerity and concern for others is very rare and that is why i am here and will stay here for a very long time.

Yes, and I can tell you that until I hooked up with Kris, I was always in the red at the end of the month. Did this since 2006 but knew there was a way. At least during that time I picked up some skills that are helping now.

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One thought on “How do we change our mindset as old marketers?
  1. Great article, Mats. I really need to hear more of this! This is been in the back of mind a few days as have been gearing up to launch my new site. The last thing I want to do is bombard our members with a bunch of BS sales crap! Hopefully, I will come up with a way to provide valuable information as I continue to study cryptocurrency as I truly believe big changes are coming in commerce.

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