How My Team Leader Works

Steven is my Team Leader in Great Bitcoin Strategies. This is how a true team leader works. Reader, follow his example!

With signups, as soon as you see you get any, ask Charles for their details if they are in GBS and send them a ‘Welcome’ email and give me their details on here so I can help you try to get them active. Once you get any that are active then your mindset changes from you being the priority to them being priority, meaning if they need help or ask any questions then help and answer their questions straight away even if it means not doing anything like promoting that day, I’ve gone days where all I’ve done is help people and done nothing else, that’s fine, the main is to try to keep your downlines active as long as possible cos they will help build your income a hell of a lot.

The first question I ask is
‘Have you had any online marketing experience before?’
o you can gauge what they do know and what they don’t know then you can ask them
‘What sort of monthly budget do you have for upgrades and advertising ETC?’
so you can gauge whether they can start on the free level or whether they can upgrade in sites straight away, then you get them to read and start to follow the GBS plan with this to accompany it (I have to add CashWave to it but that would be in the free section

Foundation Pre-Program (members with none or very little money)

PTC Sites
Infinity Traffic Boost – free
Buildalist4free – free
50 Cent Freedom – $0.50 (About $2.00) (Bitcoins) monthly
2 Dollar Wave – $2.00 (Payza, Bitcoins) one off

leading into

9 Streams Program

Infinity List Builders – $3.00 (Payza) monthly
Leased Ad Space – $7.00 (Payza, Bitcoins) one off
Everyone Can Earn Matrix – 0.002 (About $8.00) (Bitcoins) one off
All In One Profits – $11.50 (Payza, Bitcoins) monthly
1ProfitRing – $10.00+$3.00 advertising package (Payza, Bitcoins) one off
Viral Money Club – $15.95 (Payza) monthly
Referral Frenzy – $19.00 (Payza) monthly
World Wide Cash Club – $32.00 (Paypal)
Coinpressions – $29.95 (Bitcoins) monthly

Now you contact them every other day while they get established to see if they are alright and how they are getting on with what you set them to do ETC and keep that up until you think they are doing things etc more on their own but still stay in contact with them as much as you can though it’s don’t have to quite as often as they grow and understand more ETC. Once they have become active and ready to start promoting, give me their GBS ref link and I’ll add them to one of our GBS team rotator links and I’ll give you a link for them to promote, the best places for them to start to promote though depending on what experience they have got is ConversionSurf and the sites they have got in their dlb and Tested and Proven and the sites they have got in their dlb, if you want Traffic Ad Bar too.

Get them to read the Triple A Plan in ConversionSurf especially the sections of the sites and safelists/mailers if they are not experienced in using those, I can also give you a video on how to start in safelists/mailers if they are complete newbies in them.

Now you want to try to get 5 ‘active’ team mates in GBS that you are working with closely and are joining sites etc under you then you want to concentrate on helping them build 5 active team mates under each of those and so on, building lots of teams of 5 with you as their head and team captain with team leaders in training under you like you are a team leader in training under me.



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