How to create your avatar in traffic exchanges

In many traffic exchanges you see the members avatar when surfing.
Avatar is a members picture, this is very important since branding your
name and picture is you very first mission when promoting online.
You will hear this many times, promote you first, then your business.
Don’t hide if you want to be a trusted marketer.

So how do you get this fancy tool?

  1. You start with creating a WordPress account.
  2. Then go to Gravatar to login with your WordPress credentials.
  3. At Gravatar, add your picture of choice.
  4. Then, you add an email address.
  5. Look in your mailbox for a verification mail from Gravatar regarding
    the mail address you want to connect with your picture.
  6. Click the verification link.
  7. In your traffic exchange of choice, use that very same mail address.
  8. Now your avatar (picture) will show up in surfbars and membersites depending
    how the admin have configured the traffic exchange.
  9. Add more pictures and mail addresses if you want.

At Gravatar you will have further instructions how to proceed, but the guide above will
hopefully have you going with this great feature.

To clarify this guide: Not all traffic exchanges use this system. In some you have to submit
or send in your picture to the admin who upload it to his or her server.