If I had a crystal ball.

Where are you in about one year with your online business? I’m afraid if I look into my magic crystal ball I see this.
You have joined your seventh business! At least.
And do you know what? I’m still in the Power Lead System.

This threat is something we all have to struggle with as online entrepreneurs. Join a business run for some weeks and then go for the next shiny object which will give us an immediate reward of huge money on our bank accounts. I think it’s in the human nature this desire of reward in money, obsessive food, recognition from people. We have really to understand that there is no difference between an online business or a real life business. Both take time get going and into profit. However the online one can slightly do better in a shorter time.

So can we promise each other, me inclusive, to take a deep breath, a step back and let then our online business run least for six – twelve month before we throw it away. And honest. It’s often nothing wrong with the business, it’s our attitude, our mindset that is our great saboteur for wealth online. Talk to your upline and program owner before you jump into some hasty conclusion how bad this program or program owner is. Look into the mirror, is something wrong with me or how I run my online business?

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