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VikingHits HUGE Announcement Under New Ownership!
Wednesday, 02-05-2014
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Dan Moses here with a Major announcement for VikingHits.

In all my years of being in business online I’ve never had to
write an email like this. I’ve been pretty distraught over the
zero communication from Espen over the last 2 months.

Yes, today marks exactly 2 months since I last spoke to him
and I have tried numinous times through skype, email and
trying to find any information about what might have
happened to him through Google and his Social outlets.

The simple fact is.. he’s gone.. and I don’t have a clue why. :o(

last I knew was his son was very sick, but that doesn’t explain
his disappearance.

In the last 2 months I’ve had my team as well as myself running
VikingHits behind the scenes and making sure we kept the
sites clean, bots out and everything else that is needed to run
a top notch Traffic Exchange… everything besides being able to
pay commissions.

Unfortunately we don’t have access to Espen’s PayPal and this
is a HUGE issue as we do know many of you have been waiting
for quite some time now to receive your commissions.

Now this is where our HUGE announcement comes in..

We have a new Owner.. I’ve been working very closely with
Stephane Tourigny and we just launched his new TE called last week with HUGE success!

Stephane has many years of online experience and his own
team of admins and support. The conversation came up
about VikingHits and he shared his full intent to come
aboard and Take VH to a new level!

With that said… we have some pressing changes that need to
take place with the transition of Stephane as the new owner.

First and foremost.. we NEED all current subscriptions to be
cancelled and we have completely cleared all the OTOs and
offers on VikingHits.. this means when you login next you
will have a chance to get back your discounts you might
currently have.

This is the most important thing we need you to do as without
the payments coming in to the correct PayPal account it’s
going to be very hard to catch up on all the past due
commission requests.

Second, after you have re-subscribe and set your upgrade
back up please request a new commission payment.
Stephane plans to pay these as soon as he can.

We understand this is going to be some inconvenience to
you, but do hope you understand it’s necessary to get
everyone paid up and bring VikingHits to a new level.

We also want to thank you for support and patience.

There will be some new changes here to as we discuss
how to improve VikingHits.. one we know you’re going
to love we already implemented.. lower surf timers. :o)

Free (Farmers) is now set to 8 seconds.
Black Smith is now set to 7 seconds.
Warrior is now set to 5 seconds.

Be expecting big things from VikingHits in the days,
weeks and months to come!

Now before we go.. I’d like to include some promos
I know you’ll enjoy. :o)

1. Triple Promotion Points… (6 points for each visitor)
2. Double Credit Packages (2-4-1)
3. Triple Surf Points… (15 points for each page viewed)
4. Triple email read points (1500)

Good for the next 24 hours!

Please make sure you’ve got your credits assigned
to your sites, banners and text links. Traffic is flowing
fast and the surfing is great so come on out and don’t
forget to say hi in chat… you’ll earn VH points at
the same time.

Let’s Keep Plundering The Internet at VikingHits!

Thanks again for all your support!!

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