Is TrafficG a Good Traffic Exchange?

I got this question actually from my upline not my downline. And the answer to this is yes. But to start from the beginning. I don’t use traffic exchange so much any longer. But there are some few exceptions. And I’m talking about a core of traffic exchanges that has a very good reputation in the industry. They are always in the top and run by the best admins.

Actually the first and very best is a traffic exchange used by the person who asked the question. And I say he has a HUGE success with this traffic exchange. He is always on the top list there. The Power Lead System Facebook group went “bananas” when he showed his results.
What, how do you do that!
Amazing, where do you advertise to get those results?
And so on and so on…

The traffic exchange is the Traffic Ad Bar.

I try to surf there every day. I’m also upgraded.

But there are some few more that I try to surf now and then.
And those are as follow by no specific order.

The Best Traffic Exchange

To speed up the surfing I use a very simple tool:
Customizable Shortcuts
Which is an add-on for Firefox.
I have configured it so “F2” is backwards one tab, “F3” is forward one tab, “F4” close the current tab.
So click one traffic exchange, tap “F3”, click the next, then “F3”. Simple yes?
There are more sophisticated tools out there to speed up your surfing but I’m happy with this setup.

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