Is your online business safe?

virusComputer_main_Full_xlargeAnd by that I don’t refer to online scams or other dodgy schemes.
Now and then I get that horrible thought. What if I loose everything about my online business?
You know URLs, recipes, passwords, mails, total blank, nada, nil, zero! I’m already sweating by the thought.

Yes, I have a virus program. A new supplier, not Norton or those ones, it’s Zonealarm. And I have the Extreme version with Firewall and watch out. Backup!
You do run a backup once and awhile, do you?

So I have Antivirus, Firewall and Backup. Something more?
Talking about backup. Consider to use the “cloud”. I use Dropbox for all my most important files. There are many similar services out there, OneDrive is one more. So with an internet connection you can access all your files and maps everywhere you want.

How about passwords? Same here, there are some programs that handles this as well. I use LastPass, which have worked splendid for me.
Bookmarks. Always nice to access your bookmarks at several devices and as a backup. My favorite here is Xmarks.
Theft! If you own a laptop you will find several apps here to protect your laptop. My version of Zonealarm have a feature to track your laptop.

Have I left something out here? Could be spam and malicious ads. Most mail programs have some kind of spam filter so I see no problem here for my part. However nasty ads and spybots. I use the good and old Spybot – Search and Destroy which has saved me several times. This programs solves most problems where your antivirus get stuck – so run them both. Yes, not at the same time. One more thing, don’t use two antivirus with your computer, that is. Do NOT have two antivirus installed. That means trouble.

So do yourself a favor, look over what I have written above and take necessary action for your own safety.

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