Lets Talk About Traffic Exchanges Part 3

Hello reader,

More training on how I get traffic to my successful programs
Ok so our training has been about mental conditioning,
getting early referrals and working Traffic.

Now, you can start advertising your Traffic Exchanges
and you may get one person signs for the other program
or vice versa, but where can you direct them then?

You need more, but you don’t want to spread yourself
too thin. The best thing is to is to take them to
somewhere where they can join a few TEs in 1 go, because
it leverages your time much better and they may already
be signed to your favorites – or they may prefer others.

So how do you do this? You have to use downlinebuilders.

There are so many out there but there are 3 I have
found that are way ahead of the rest. Lets walk before
we run and do the easiest one first. Plus it also
has other features which we can use later on. Most
of all, it has brilliant training and a superb splash page.

Once you have joined, go through all the training and then
join all the programs.
Because his is all free and simple, plus they host your
splash pages which are all personalized, everything
is duplicability – you can promote this when you are
building your list in a few weeks…what you have
to remember is you want your downline to join all
the programs under you…unless they have a huge downline
already, which is unlikely.

So you will want to politely ask them to create accounts
under you…I am asking likewise.
Some of the programs are great in depth

– i.e. they pay huge dividends when you have referrals
at levels 4, 5, 6 etc – please do this and see what happens.

Here is the link for CashSurfingNetwork:


And if you missed the Traffic Exchange yesterday:


This step will take you a few hours. It’s worth it
to get your head round the concept. In a few weeks/months,
you will be explaining the same things to your people….

Mats Jacobson

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