Let’s talk about Traffic Exchanges

Most of my team members come from Traffic
Exchanges, so, many of you already know what they are.

A Traffic Exchange is simply a system of generating
free website traffic.
It’s a basic advertising exchange where you can earn
credits for free, then use those credits to advertise
your product or service.

One of the massive benefits of Traffic Exchanges it
that they are free, and although it does take some
time getting stated, once you have completed this
system you will begin earning those credits on autopilot,
without having to earn them or buy them yourself.

You surf to earn free credits, then use those credits
to advertise.

When you refer new friends to traffic exchanges, and
they surf, then you get a percentage of the credits
they earn.

As you see, this can multiply very quickly by referring
more people.
Most Traffic Exchanges will give you, as a free member,
about 0.3 credits for every page you click.

They will let you surf 1 page every 6 to 8 seconds
or so, for this example we will be optimistic and
use 6 seconds.

By this math, it would take about 18 seconds to earn
1 credit. (0.3 Credits * 3 Pages at 6 Seconds Each
= 0.9 Credits in 18 seconds).

1 Credit is 1 View to your website.

This means in a minute, you’ll have gotten about 3
Credits, or about 200 in an hour.
Starting out, it’s safe to say you’ll get about 0.2%
conversions. I know that number is small, but you’re
just beginning, and 1 conversion is more than no conversions.

So assuming we have that low rate of 0.2% conversions,
this means it will take us about 500 credits to get
a referral.
The next step is to understand what a referral is worth.
This is the customer lifetime value.

This is determined by taking the total number of customers
and dividing it by the total revenue.

This is something again that will vary drastically
depending on what you are advertising, and how well
it converts, but for a lot of free services like this,
you can expect a customer lifetime value of around $3.

Ideally it will be better, but $3 is a good base minimum.

This doesn’t mean that you will get $3 for every person
that signs up, in fact you may get 100 referrals who
spend nothing, but then your 101st will spend $300
over their lifetime as a customer.

This breaks down to about $1.20 an hour.

Sounds terrible, right?

It is.


Granted it doesn’t take any special skills or abilities,
making $1.20 an hour is nothing to write home about.

Sadly, this is what so many people are doing.

We’re not going to do that though.

We’re going to do it the right way.

I will tell you how to use these Traffic Exchanges and make real profit using Traffic Exchanges.

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